Years of unity based on warm feelings
   The Democratic People´s Republic of Korea is opening up a new era of prosperity and the people form a large family united with affection.
   His warm smile and intimate voice
   Filled with affection and love
   He is so benevolent to draw all people
   O best is the bosom of Marshal Kim Jong Un
    ... ... ... 
   The affection exchanged in Korea with respected Kim Jong Un as the father, unfolds a beautiful scene of perfect unity.
   This happened at an army post on the east coast.
   Respected Kim Jong Un had a photo taken with each of women soldiers despite sultry weather of midsummer. The people of the whole country were greatly excited to see him spending a long time for the soldiers though he was busy with his Songun-based leadership.
   When he was crossing the Chol Pass to see soldiers, it was raining in torrents with strong wind. But he trudged in the mud with big strides and although his clothes were soaked in rain, he wore a bright smile on his face.
   He is truly incarnation of affection. Same feelings beget same will and men with same will become comrades.
   When Marshal Kim Jong Un was going to the Jangjae Island Defence Detachment and the Mu Island Hero Defence Detachment, officials repeatedly tried to persuade him from going becasue of the nasty sea weather. But he insisted on going to see the soldiers at any cost and sailed through the raging waves aboard a small wooden vessel.
   The soldiers were moved to tears to see him. Together with the soldiers who threw themselves into his arms, he walked to the post and warmly familiarized himself with their life. He held high Hang Myong, a baby of Jangjae Island, and, with a sun-like bright smile, wished him a happy future.
  That day, leaving the island post, Marshal Kim Jong Un told the service personnel and their families not to feel lonely on the island and encouraged them, saying the island is linked with the party with bloodline.
   Trench of island post and mountain hamlets
   Are the courtyard familiar to him
   He visits people and houses one ofter another
   O best is the bosom of Marshal Kim Jong Un
   ... ... ... 
   New houses in Changjon Street have also a story woven with warm affection of Marshal
Kim Jong Un who came after inspection of the front. The hosts of the new houses visited by him were ordinary teachers and workers.
  He conversed with them kindly with a bright smile on his face all the time. The hosts sat knee to knee with him like a family, their eyes wet with tears, feeling what a great man they are with.
   Gold medalists at international games, members of the Children´s Union who greeted the founding anniversary of the Union in June, war veterans who greeted the victory day, heroes of the island defence detachments and soldiers on the forefront all met Marshal Kim Jong Un and became main characters of legend-like stories woven with warm feelings.
   Days are passing in Korea amid exchange of warm feelings. No force in the world can break the perfect unity of Korea in which the Supreme Commander and soldiers, the leader and the people form a bloodline and mighty fortress with one idea and purpose and with blood and affection.
   Korea will become more powerful, highly civilized and more beautiful as Marshal
Kim Jong Un leads the country and people with his affection and love.
English Language Service, Voice of Korea