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Birth of the first revolutionary armed force
  April 25 this year is the historic 82nd anniversary of the Korean People´s Army. On the occasion of the anniversary, the service personnel and people of Korea look back with deep emotion upon the proud history of the KPA which has demonstrated its invincible might under the guidance of the brilliant Songun commanders.
   In the early 20th century Korea was occupied by the Japanese imperialists and her people became their slaves, because they had no strong army to defend the sovereignty of the country and the nation. But in those days nobody thought a new armed force could be founded without help of others to fight against the Japanese imperialists.
   With a great ambition for national liberation the great Kim Il Sung set out on the road of revolution in his early years. He elucidated that the only way to defeat the Japanese imperialists armed to the teeth and liberate the country was to organize and wage an anti-Japanese armed struggle and dynamically led the struggle to build Juche-based revolutionary armed force. He regarded man and arms as the two essential factors to form an armed force and directed primary efforts to rallying excellent young people prepared militarily and politically. And he took measures to wage an active struggle to arm themselves with weapons captured from the enemy.
   Professor and Doctor Song Tong Won, Director of the Institute of Revolutionary History of Comrade Kim Il Sung under the Academy of Social Sciences, has this to say:
  "April 25, Juche 21 or 1932 is an unforgettable day to the service personnel and people of Korea. On the day the Anti-Japanese People´s Guerrilla Army was founded, which consisted of advanced workers, peasants and patriotic youth. Learning in time that the armed enemy can be defeated only with arms, Kim Il Sung founded the Anti-Japanese People´s Guerrilla Army and thus the Korean people could have their genuine army for the first time in history."
   Researcher Mun Jong Chol says:
   "The birth of our army was unusual. The Anti-Japanese People´s Guerrilla Army was not a temporary assemblage of people who rose up with indignation. It was neither the volunteers nor an independence army all the more that gathered in twos and threes with matchlocks crying for independence.
   The anti-Japanese armed force was a single-heartedly united rank of the hot-blooded youth run through with an unbreakable will to annihilate the enemy and do-or-die resolve to save the destiny of the country, sharing the faith, confidence and feelings of Kim Il Sung with ardent love for the future and burning themselves with a firm determination to follow him even in fatal situation."
   The revolutionary armed force of Korea which declared its birth under the leadership of the
great Kim Il Sung dealt a telling blow at the "leader of Asia" professing itself to be "an invincible Imperial Japanese Army". They gave wholesale deaths to the wicked Japanese imperialists in the battles in Dongning and Fusong County Towns, Pochonbo, Jiansanfeng, Xigang, Hongqihe, at the entrance to Dashahe and other battles. They achieved brilliant war results with flexible military tactics including the covering of long distance at a stroke, surprise attack, allurement and ambush and campfire bomb operation. Thanks to such invincible revolutionary armed force, the ferocious and formidable Japanese imperialists could be annihilated and the historic cause of national liberation accomplished. Carrying forward the traditions of the Anti-Japanese People´s Guerrilla Army, the first revolutionary armed force of the Korean people, the Korean People´s Army won a victory in the three-year-long Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists in the 1950s. In the struggle against the two formidable imperialists the revolutionary armed forces of Korea grew to be an invincible army. 
   The revolutionary armed forces of Korea were further strengthened and developed by the
great Kim Jong Il. The KPA firmly defended the country, people and socialism without yielding to the uninterrupted isolation and suffocation moves of the imperialists. In Juche 87 or 1998 the US imperialists began to persist in the war moves again to invade the DPRK. The United States, elated through armed interventions in the Gulf and many countries of the world, miscalculated that its high-handedness and arbitrariness would work in Korea, too.
   The United States, oblivious of the basic spirit of the letter of assurance its President had sent to the great Kim Jong Il, questioned our "nuclear issue", reported that it had completed war scenario against the DPRK and at the same time, opened to media even its aggressive war plan. The aggressive war plan "OPLAN-5027" clearly reflected the purpose of war and the method of provocation, stages and way of its implementation and even the scale and composition of the troops to be involved in the performance of the war plan. It was unprecedented in its shamlessness and danger. When the whole world was waiting with bated breath for the moment the gun report of war would be made in Korea, a statement of a spokesman for the General Staff of the KPA was made public. The United States was frustrated by the resolute stand for military countermeasures of the heroic KPA that it will answer the challenges of the US imperialists with merciless fatal counterattack.
     When our revolutionary armed forces shout, the ragtags keep silence immediately and when our army is angry, even the formidable enemy shrinks, reading its face.
   This reality today is a brilliant fruit of the Songun-based leadership of Kim Jong Il. The Korean People´s Army which has grown to be an invincible revolutionary army for over 80 years since the birth of the first revolutionary armed force during the anti-Japanese struggle, will win only victory in the defence of socialism and in the building of a prosperous nation under the leadership of the respected Supreme Commander Marshal Kim Jong Un with unusual military strategy and bold pluck.
English Language Service, Voice of Korea