Powerful complex
  The Chongjin Metal Construction Complex in Chongjin City, North Hamgyong Province, the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, is a powerful construction complex.
  Chief Engineer Doctor Hyon Chang Ryul says:
  "Our complex has powerful building force and material and technological foundation to carry out any project to be presented at any moment. The main force of the complex consists of experienced officials of old generation and talented and competent officials and technicians possessed of latest science and technology. And we have solid production foundation to produce and supply necessary equipment and materials with our efforts in the main. Our complex has also machines necessary for construction projects."
  The complex was inaugurated in June Juche 56 or 1967. Since its inauguration the complex has made a great contribution to the construction of metallurgical and power giants of the country with daring and large-scale operations decade after decade. The complex carried out many projects including the reconstruction and expansion projects of the then Kim Chaek Iron Works and Musan Mine. In those days the complex successfully carried out all projects in time relying on its own construction and technological force and production bases. The construction force has been further strengthened and the production foundation of the complex firmly consolidated to produce and supply various kinds of sheet metal goods and accessories of vehicles by itself.
   With such excellent construction force and firm production foundation, the complex is fully demonstrating its power in important construction projects today, too.
  Hyon Chang Ryul says:
  "Now our complex is assigned with many projects including the construction of the Phalhyang Dam of the Orangchon Power Station and the expansion of the Komusan Cement Factory. We direct primary efforts to the construction of the Phalhyang Dam as it is the most important work to implement the instruction of the great Generalissimo Kim Jong Il. We are rapidly promoting the dam project, organizing and commanding the construction work more scrupulously and actively introducing rational construction methods that can ensure high construction speed and quality simultaneously with minimum building materials including iron bars and cement."
  The officials and workers of the complex are making innovations day by day in the Phalhyang Dam project, breaking established norms.
  They speed up mixture placing greatly with new concrete formworks that don´t require dismantlement. They have also developed and introduced new damming up method to firmly guarantee the stability of the dam. It is their invariable resolve to fully demonstrate the might of the powerful complex by wonderfully building the Phalhyang Dam as an eternal monumental edifice to ensure its safety and quality for all eternity.
English Language Service, Voice of Korea