Performers of feats
  Korean young people regard national defence as the most sacred duty. So they glorify their precious youth with military service. The days of military service remain in valuable memory of life for everybody. Kept in the memory are valuable moments of feats in defending and working for the happiness of the people.
  Let us take upon ourselves both national defence and socialist construction! This is the faith and will of the service persons of the Korean People´s Army. They have always created miracles and feats without knowing impossibility in implementing the orders of the Supreme Commander.
  People still remember the merits of the soldier-builders who built the West Sea Barrage across the sea. It was a gigantic project to build an 8-kilometre-long barrage on a vast sea. But fighting raging waves they wrought the miracle of building the barrage in 5 years only. Soldier-builders performed feats also in the building of the Anbyon Youth Power Station in the 1990s. Everything was lacking and difficult at that time, but they didn´t yield to difficulties. They built the power station, overcoming difficulties with a resolute resolve to carry out their task unconditionally.
  The feats of the soldier-builders are told for many years along with the word of "youth" in the name of the power station. The merits of the service persons are also associated with the Ryongmun Cave, Mt. Kuwol and other scenic spots wonderfully built into recreation resorts for the people. "For the future, the last year of arduousness 1997"--these are the words engraved on scenic Mt. Kuwol by the soldier-builders. The words fully show the outlook on their genuine life and optimism of the youth. This is not all. The feats of the soldiers who built the Rungna People´s Pleasure Ground, the Munsu Water Park and the Mirim Riding Club in the capital city Pyongyang and the Masikryong Ski Resort are now ringing in the laughters of the people. The reliable soldiers of the Korean People´s Army find their worth of life and valuable honour in the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people. Today, too, the soldiers are performing fresh feats in the building of a prosperous nation for the country and people.
English Language Service, Voice of Korea