News     Spokesman for DPRK FM answers questions raised by KCNA
  A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK answered the questions raised by the Korean Central News Agency on the 20th as regards the fact that the United States is unreasonably taking issue with our test-firing of the new-type submarine-launched ballistic missile.
  He said:
  The test-firing of the new-type submarine-launched ballistic missile conducted by the Academy of Defence Science on the 19th is part of our normal activities to carry out the medium- and long-term plan for development of the defence science, and it did not give any threat or damage to the security of the neighbouring countries and the region.
  This notwithstanding, however, the United States is showing very irritating movements like inducing a spokesman for the White House, a spokesman for the Department of State and the Indian-Pacific Command to abuse our exercise of legitimate right of self-defence as a "breach of resolution" of the UN Security Council and as a "threat" to the regional peace and stability and calling for convening an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.
  We think it a great concern that the United States is showing abnormal reaction to the intrinsic and just exercise of the right of self-defence of a sovereign state.
  As we have already made clear, our deterrent is not aimed at any specific state or force, but for preventing the war itself and defending the national rights, and the United States and south Korea were excluded from our target of principal enemy.
  Since our recent test-firing did not take the United States into consideration or aim at it but it is a work which had been already planned merely for national defence, there is no need for the United States to worry about or be troubled with it.
  If the United States slanders us as we develop and test the same weapon system in its possession or under development, it is a clear double standard and will only increase our doubt about their "true feelings" that they are not hostile to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  If they do not find fault with our normal and legitimate exercise of sovereignty, nothing will happen that gives rise to tension on the Korean peninsula. But if the US and its satellite forces doggedly choose a wrong action, it will work as a catalyst incurring more grave and serious result.
  We have already expressed our strong concern about the fact that the United States and the UN Security Council are fooling with the dangerous "time bomb".