Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to damage rehabilitation site in Komdok area
  Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, gave field guidance to the Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province under damage rehabilitation.
  He was accompanied by Pak Jong Chon, Ri Il Hwan, Kim Yong Su, Jo Yong Won, Hyon Song Wol and Kim Myong Sik.
  Commanding officials of the People's Army greeted in excitement the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who came to the Komdok area by dangerous railroad temporarily laid through ravines.
  Kim Jong Un said the damages in Komdok area were more serious than he thought and highly appreciated the labor feats performed by the service personnel who completely removed traces of damages and are accelerating the rehabilitation.
  He expressed satisfaction over the field political work, saying the whole of the construction site is lively with front-line agitprop and the service personnel are in high spirits.
  Looking round the construction site, he said the quality of the buildings is high and every building shows tenacious and sincere working manner and highly praised the service personnel.
  The sincerity and efforts of the service personnel devoted to the construction of dwelling houses will be recognized and estimated by the dwellers, he noted and stressed that every building must represent the sincerity of the People's Army boundlessly loyal to the Party and the people.
  He said with satisfaction that the units and sub-units mobilized in the damage rehabilitation in Komdok area are doing the revetment work with cement on the road and railroads in the sections of possible landslide not to suffer the natural disasters in the future and river improvement qualitatively.
  Thanks to the service personnel of the People's Army who were rapidly dispatched to the damage rehabilitation front in different places on the sacred combat order given by the Party Central Committee and are creating heroic myth and miracles in the damage rehabilitation campaign, the 75th founding anniversary of the glorious Workers' Party of Korea could be wonderfully celebrated, Kim Jong Un said, and gave thanks to the entire soldier builders who are bravely fighting on the front for damage rehabilitation.
  He stressed the need for the entire Party and the whole society to actively encourage the service personnel on the forefront for damage rehabilitation, send inspiring letters and render political and ideological assistance to keep the elated spirit.
  Learning the supply of winter uniforms and welfare supply service for the service personnel, he said deep attention must be paid to their health as it gets cold, living conditions provided according to the anti-epidemic demand and everything ready for timely treatment for the possible patients.
  Noting that he is pleased over the dwelling houses to be possibly offered to the people in the afflicted area by late this month, he said thorough measures must be taken to supply grains and daily necessaries to the sufferers who are living in public buildings and others' houses and take good care of them.
  On the way to the construction site of dwelling houses, he was concerned about the tiny zigzagged one-storeyed dwelling houses on the slope of mountain.
  He said now the dwelling houses are built only after the old houses collapsed by natural disaster and construction in the rural areas must not be done in such a way but be done in a prospective way according to the plan.
  Kim Jong Un suggested the far-reaching plan and blueprint to eradicate the centuries-old backwardness in Taehung, Komdok and Ryongyang, build modern dwelling houses in accordance with the demand of the new century and turn the area around Komdok, leading mineral producer of the country, into the model mountainous city, mine city next to Samjiyon City.
  He expressed determination to qualitatively complete the on-going damage rehabilitation within the 80-day campaign for the first stage and, for the second stage, build new dwelling houses for 25,000 households for the Komdok Mining Complex, the Taehung Youth Hero Mine and Ryongyang Mine during the period of five-year plan to be presented at the Eighth Congress of the Party.
  Noting that he himself, together with the People's Army, will build the villages of miners in Komdok area into wonderful mine city, mountain ravine city to the envy of the people, he gave detailed instructions concerning the construction in Komdok area.
  Presenting the task for the designing field to make the master plan for the construction in Komdok area during the 80-day campaign, he said field inspection must be made before the designing, site be properly fixed to be free from natural disaster and inconvenience and formation plan of the exterior and interior of the dwelling houses well made representing the people's demand.
  Suggesting the plan to build one-storeyed, low-storeyed, multi-storeyed and high-storeyed houses in good harmony, he said the old habit of building densely-deployed one-storeyed houses in the counties in local areas and mountainous regions must be broken and the Komdok area be completely reshaped to create another model and make revolution in the rural area construction.
  He said dredging of rivers and revetment must be properly done and importance be attached to the river improvement so that the Komdok area can withstand any flood and typhoon in the future.
  Kim Jong Un said.
  Believing in the People's Army again, I presented today vast task of struggle. Grand ambition and ideal of our Party will be a spark of the 80-day campaign to give fresh confidence and hope to the entire people and usher in a new heyday of revolution.
  The time of our revolution depends on the pace of the People's Army and speed of pace of the People's Army is the speed of development of our revolution. The People's army must dash forward in step with the speed of the offensives of our Party not content with the work for the people and hasten the bright future of our motherland.
  Kim Jong Un ardently called for the units of the People's Army to devotedly work once again for the great people, great Party and the great state.