Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspects construction sites of damage rehabilitation in South Hamgyong Province to guide construction
  Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, inspected the construction sites for rehabilitation from natural disasters in the areas of the East Sea including Sinpho City and Hongwon County of South Hamgyong Province and guided the construction work.
  He was accompanied by Pak Jong Chon, Jo Yong Won, Kim Yong Su, Hyon Song Wol and Kim Myong Sik.
  He was greeted on the spot by Choe Hwi, Vice-Chairman of the Party Central Committee who is working as the commander of the Division No. 1 of the Party members of the capital, Ri Yong Sik, First Deputy Director of the Information and Publicity Department of the Party Central Committee who is political commissar of the division, Sim In Song, Vice-Chairman of the Organizational Affairs of the Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the WPK who is the chief of the staff of the division, and commanders of the units at all levels of the People's Army.
   Gladly exchanging greetings with commanding officials of the division who were present to greet him, he said that during the period of the events for celebrating the founding anniversary of the glorious WPK, he always thought of the Party members of the capital and the officers and men of the People's Army who went out to the hard and difficult posts, and he called at them as he missed them and wanted to cheer up and encourage them for their efforts devoted during those days.
  He affectionately looked round for a long time the dwelling houses associated with their sweats and passion, saying that the Party members of the capital and service personnel of the People's Army are taking much trouble at localities.
  He expressed his great satisfaction saying that they have built the dwelling houses as perfectly as the professional builders do, those houses are the crystallization of their loyalty to the Party and the fighting efficiency of the elite division of Party members of the capital was fully displayed in the practice.
  He appreciated over the fact that the service personnel of the People's Army are quickly building lots of new dwelling houses incorporated with the intention of the WPK and the aspiration and demand of the people and are expanding eye-opening successes by forcefully performing feats in the battle fields for rehabilitation from damages in South Hamgyong Province as well.
  Saying that we should, in the future, too, constantly create patterns and models in such a way as to make best use of the geographical features of the regions concerned in the construction of localities, Kim Jong Un stressed that the mission of the designing institutions is very important in realizing the Party's grand plan for local construction.
  He specifically emphasized that the issue on enhancing the responsibility and role of the construction control sector is also one of the matters we should attach foremost importance to.
  Kim Jong Un gave an instruction on studying the plan for paving the roads within the dwelling houses quarters by using soil hardening agent and trying to introduce it.
  He stressed the need to plant many fruit trees in the yards of dwelling houses and create forests on surrounding mountains in a far-sighted way.
  He called on the divisions of the Party members of the capital to launch a new grand campaign of creation with higher consciousness and enthusiasm at the regions they moved to on the combat order given by the Party and warmly said he extends militant greetings to the entire members of the divisions of the Party members of the capital once again.
  Saying that the people in the damaged areas who are awaiting with greater expectation and hope every day while watching the construction of dwelling houses will be really pleased, Kim Jong Un ardently called on all to strive hard with redoubled efforts to hasten as early as possible the day of completion when our people are provided with new houses of happiness.