President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un enjoys performance for Day of Shining Star
  The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, appreciated a performance for commemorating the Day of the Shining Star together with members of the central leadership organ of the Party on February 16.
  The Mansudae Art Theatre, the venue of the performance, was filled with the great joy and emotion of the participants who would enjoy the grand performance in the presence of Kim Jong Un at the historic theatre vividly representing the personality and breath of the great leader Kim Jong Il who ushered in the period of efflorescence of Juche art.
  When Kim Jong Un appeared in the auditorium of the theatre together with his wife Ri Sol Ju amid the playing of the welcome music, all the participants raised stormy cheers, paying the greatest respects to him who is opening a new period of development of socialist construction of Korean style with the noble sense of responsibility for the Party and the revolution and for the country and the people.
  Enjoying together with him were officials of the Central Committee of the WPK.
  The performance was given by artistes of the Orchestra of the State Affairs Commission, the State Merited Chorus and major art organizations.
  The performance, which started with the solemn Patriotic Song, was divided into two parts.
  Put on the stage of Part One were songs of warm praise and yearning for Kim Jong Il including the mixed duet and male chorus "Shine, Jongil Peak".
  The performers highly praised the immortal exploits of the peerless patriot Kim Jong Il who was born as the shining star of the Paektu with the spring light in February and wrote a noble history of devotion for the people humanity do not know on the long road of the Juche revolution.
  Whenever his sun-like image was displayed on the background of the stage, the audience gave a big hand, feeling the boundless pride of having made a revolution under the guidance of the peerlessly great man and great leader.
  Part Two started with the song "People Are with the Marshal". Put on the stage were songs in praise of the great man Kim Jong Un who is confidently leading the Korean-style socialism to a new victory under the noble ideals--"The People Are God", single-hearted unity and self-reliance--associated with the lifelong intention of Kim Jong Il.
  The performance showed the firm will of the Korean people to win a great victory in the grand all-people march for implementing the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress, fiercely fluttering the Party flag of Juche in firmer unity around Kim Jong Un. It ended with the mixed group singing and male chorus "Fly High, Our Party Flag" and the female solo and mixed chorus "People Are of a Single Mind".
  Responding to an encore of Kim Jong Un, the all-people song "A Dear Name" the Korean people have loved, singing of their infinite honour and happiness under the guidance of Kim Jong Il, was sung again, wrapping the theatre in great emotion and joy.
  Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction over the successful performance of the performers who gave a wonderful artistic depiction of the ardent yearning of the people for Kim Jong Il and their burning pledge to remain loyal to the leadership of the Party Central Committee.
  Amid the enthusiastic applause filling the theatre, a floral basket in the name of the Central Committee of the WPK was conveyed to the performers.