Third-day sitting of 3rd Plenary Meeting of 8th CC, WPK held
  The third-day sitting of the Third Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea was held on June 17 to confirm the guiding policy of struggle and tasks of practical action which would further accelerate this year's historic advance of the Party and people. 
  When the respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the ever-victorious WPK, appeared on the rostrum of the venue of the meeting, the entire participants raised stormy cheers for him who is wisely leading the current plenary meeting to make good crucial discussion and perform its historic mission and role of leadership, devoting all his thinking and efforts only to the well-being and happiness of the state and people.
  The study and consultative meetings of the branches which continued in the wake of the second-day sitting fully discussed the substantial and dynamic tasks and practical ways to be carried out in the latter half of the year.
  The plenary meeting deliberated on all the constructive opinions and adopted with a unanimous approval a resolution which reflected additional measures to thoroughly carry out the major state policy tasks issued this year and a resolution that the whole Party, the entire army and all the people should concentrate efforts on this year's farming to fulfill the grain production plan unconditionally.
  The plenary meeting discussed as the fourth agenda item the issue on the analysis of the present international situation and the corresponding direction of our Party.
  Kim Jong Un briefed on major changes which are made on the international political arena recently and on the external environment of the Korean revolution before taking stock of them.
  Especially, he made a detailed analysis of the policy trend of the new US Administration towards the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and clarified the adequate strategic and tactical plans and the direction of action to be maintained in the relations with the United States in the future.
  He stressed that in order to defend the dignity of our state and the interests of its independent development and reliably guarantee the peaceful environment and the security of the state it is necessary to be prepared both for dialogue and confrontation and more perfectly for the latter in particular.
  Manifesting the stand and principles of foreign policy of the Party and the DPRK government on the important international and regional issues, Kim Jong Un mentioned the need to further enhance the strategic position and active role of the state and actively create favourable external environment. He also made clear that it is necessary to react and correspond to the ever-changing situation sensitively and promptly and concentrate efforts on controlling the situation of the Korean peninsula in a stable way.
  The plenary meeting discussed as the fifth agenda item the issues that should be primarily solved to stabilize and improve the people's living in the present situation.
  Kim Jong Un said it is the principle of activities our Party and state regard as the most important matter to provide the people with a stabilized life and solve their troubles in time. And he touched in detail on the facts of people's living he learned about through a number of consultative meetings and on practical measures to improve it.
  He said the idea of devoted service for the people's well-being our Party holds sacred is the guideline of practice and the standard of action for serving the people unconditionally with responsibility for their lives and living by working against the collar. He stressed that when it faces a difficulty the Party should go deeper among the people to become their strong pillar and devote everything to their welfare, always sharing sweets and bitters with them.
  Pronouncing that it is the core item of this plenary meeting to take decisive measures for rapidly resolving the urgent issues the people are most interested in and desire at present, he issued a special order he signed with his true heart to contribute even a little to stabilizing the people's living.
  All the participants in the plenary meeting supported and approved with their enthusiastic applause his crucial decision and determination with a sense of responsibility for the destiny and living of the people across the country and the spirit of devoted service.
  The plenary meeting discussed as the sixth agenda item the issue on improving and strengthening the childcare policy of the Party.
  Kim Jong Un said there is no revolutionary work more important than bringing up the children, the future of the country, healthily and it is the most important policy and greatest desire of the our Party and state to provide better conditions for bringing up children even at a great cost.
  He said we should regard it as the way of advance and development of our revolution to devote our sincerity to the children all the more when we feel difficulty and stubbornly advance toward the communist future with the strength of love. When the rising generations, the children who are born on this land, eat well and grow up healthily in good circumstances from their childhood, our society will be filled with lively animation and vigour so much all the more and the might of the DPRK will be strengthened in the coming 20 or 30 years, he warmly added.
  Kim Jong Un said the nursery and kindergarten period is the most important age in the growth of the children, referred to setting it as a policy of the Party to provide the children across the country with nutritive foods such as dairy products at the state expense, and presented specific tasks and ways to implement it.
  He stressed that all the officials should pay special attention to feed the nursery and kindergarten children well with the feeling of their parents and make a substantial contribution to implementing the childcare policy of the Party, proving their loyalty to the Party and the revolution, to the country and the people.
  The plenary meeting deliberated his proposal with great excitement and adopted a relevant decision with a unanimous approval amid full support.
  The plenary meeting continues.