General Secretary Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to Samjiyon City
  The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to Samjiyon City to learn about the third-stage project as regards the conclusion of its construction.
  He was accompanied by Jo Yong Won, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and Secretary for Organizational Affairs of the Party Central Committee; Kim Tok Hun, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and Premier of the Cabinet of the DPRK; Pak Jong Chon, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and Secretary of the Party Central Committee; Kim Jae Ryong, Department Director of the Party Central Committee; Pak Hun, Vice-Premier of the Cabinet, and leading officials in the field of construction.
  Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the dwelling houses, educational facilities, cultural and welfare facilities, and camping area in the areas of Paektusanmilyong-dong, Rimyongsu-dong and Phothae-dong, the area of the Junghung Farm and other objects in the city which have been built at the third stage to acquaint himself with the construction project of Samjiyon City, the urban management and the farming extensively.
  He highly appreciated that all the construction projects have made good use of the natural surroundings and the regional peculiarity and been thoroughly put on a practical, diverse, formative and artistic basis as required by the idea of the Party on the Juche-oriented architectural beauty and its policy on local construction.
  He said every construction project of Samjiyon City is associated with the noble loyalty, strong will and beads of sweat of the people trying to absolutely support and implement the grand plans and decisions of the Party, and continued:
  Thanks to the vigorous struggle of the builders who have promoted the huge project dynamically and without letup even in the unfavourable environment of the northern area, not only the town area but also different other areas and farms in the city have been changed into models of modern socialist mountainous cities and standards of rural promotion.
  As I always stressed, it is a natural obligation and revolutionary duty of our people and new generations, the soldiers and disciples of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, to wonderfully build up Samjiyon City, the sacred place of the Sun with the native home of the revolution, into a powerful base for education in revolutionary traditions and a model of civilized mountainous cities. Through the noble struggle, the firm faith and will of the entire people to remain loyal to the leaders forever and glorify their revolutionary exploits for all ages have been demonstrated and a fundamental guarantee for carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche to completion provided more firmly.
  The past four-year struggle for the construction of Samjiyon City proved the irresistible might of the single-minded unity and integrated whole of the Party and the people and the firm will, confidence and possibility of independent development of our state to achieve prosperity by dint of self-reliance in our own way and with our own strength, he said and sent thanks in the name of the Party Central Committee to the builders of Samjiyon City, supporters and other people across the country who materialized the decisions and policies of the Party into a shining reality.
  Kim Jong Un said the successes, experiences and standards got in the course of building Samjiyon City serve as a clear-cut guideline making it possible to promote the Party's policy on local construction in correct direction, and continued:
  This is of great significance in today's struggle to make a new start of changing localities.
  We should open up a turning phase of accelerating the development of local construction and the construction of the whole civilized society by actively encouraging and expanding the excellent experiences accumulated in the construction of Samjiyon City. In order to promote the Party's grand policy on construction correctly without any deviation we should rapidly strengthen the construction and designing force of provinces and lay firm material and technical foundations. It is the most urgent matter claiming prior settlement and strategic task at present.
  Kim Jong Un stressed the need for the provinces, cities and counties to urgently take systematic and state measures to strengthen the construction and designing forces, improve the professional standard of the construction units and enhance the role and power of the construction supervising authorities and thus ensure the quality of construction on the highest level.
  Looking round the peculiar modern farm houses and the house of culture built in the area of the Junghung Farm, he highly appreciated that it can be called a standard unit of rural promotion like a picture.
  He underscored the need to make substantial preparations for the next year's farming in the light of the experience in this year's potato farming, and continued:
  It is necessary to make scientific and technical study and take measures to increase the potato production stably and safely even in the unfavourable conditions of the northern highlands and bring about the hot wind of potato farming once again in the field of agriculture.
  After learning about the problems arising at the farm one by one, Kim Jong Un said the Party will give active assistance to the farm so that it could become a model unit in the introduction of farm machines as well since it has been built into a standard unit of rural promotion.
  He also said the roads in Samjiyon City should be paved perfectly as its life environment has been changed. He discussed about the sections of roads to be paved on an annual basis in the future and presented specific orientation for it.
  He touched on the ecological environment and forest of Samjiyon City and stressed the need to intensify the study of the sector concerned to take perfect measures for protection of forests from all sorts of factors such as harmful insects and change of temperature and manage the forests in a scientific and technical way.
  He said the construction of Samjiyon City is a starting point of new revolution to lead the local people to a civilized material and cultural life.
  Receiving the report that the people in the changed Samjiyon City like very much, singing of the benevolence of the Party, Kim Jong Un expressed his pleasure time and again, saying: I am very pleased to think that a proud thing welcomed by the people has been done. The voices of the people are precisely the general appreciation of the construction of Samjiyon City. I am very satisfied.
  Kim Jong Un said the construction of Samjiyon City has been carried out wonderfully as planned and intended by the Party and warmly wished happiness and welfare to the entire people in the city who would enjoy a civilized and wonderful cultural life in their dear homes with Mt. Paektu where Kim Jong Il was born.