8th Conference of Military Educators of KPA held
  The Eighth Conference of Military Educators of the Korean People's Army was held at the April 25 House of Culture on December 4 and 5.
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the WPK, was present at the conference to guide it.
  The conference brought together the exemplary military educators, leading officials concerned and commanding officers of the General Political Bureau, the Ministry of National Defence and the General Staff, commanding personnel of the services and corps-level units and meritorious officials of the units for educational supply.
  Kim Jong Un came out to the venue of the conference amid the playing of the welcome music.
  The rostrum was taken by Pak Jong Chon, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and Secretary of the Party Central Committee, and O Il Jong, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and Department Director of the Party Central Committee.
  The rostrum was also taken by commanding officers of the Ministry of National Defence of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and officials, teachers and researchers who distinguished themselves in the military education.
  Kim Jong Un made an opening address.
  He extended warm thanks to the entire military educators who are devoting all their wisdom, passion and soul as teachers of revolution and dedicating themselves to training commanding personnel and core backbones of the army in response to the Party's policy and line on training reserve military and political cadres.
  He mentioned the intention of the Party which attaches greatest importance to the military education, the importance of mission and duty of the military educators and the purpose of convocation of the conference. He declared the conference open, expressing the belief that the Eighth Conference of Military Educators of the KPA would serve as a great turning point and process of leap forward for development of the Juche-based military education under the high political enthusiasm and active participation of the entire participants.
  General Ri Yong Gil, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK and Minister of National Defence of the DPRK, made a report, which was followed by speeches at the conference.
  Introduced at the report and speeches were successes and experiences achieved in the work to make the teachers have the political and moral traits and qualifications as teachers and renovate the educational conditions, environment and methods of the military schools in the course of struggle to bring about practical improvement and substantial progress in the military education.
  Also analyzed and reviewed were some deviations manifested because of the lack of the ideological consciousness to prove the validity and vitality of the Party's idea on attaching importance to the military education with practical progress and innovations of their units, and their causes.
  The report and speeches said all the educators should display daring courage, strenuous spirit, invariable passion and fighting spirit with the awareness and confidence that they would further develop the military education as early as possible and thus make fresh innovations, bold creation and constant progress in the whole of the military education.
  The conference announced the ranking of the military educational institutions with main stress on the implementation of the Party's policy on bringing about a revolutionary change in the military education, and awarded trophy flags to the exemplary units.
  Kim Jong Un made an important conclusion.
  He said the Eighth Conference of Military Educators of the KPA is held at the crucial and vital time when the Korean revolution is switched over to the next stage of new victory according to the grand programme and policy of struggle presented at the historic Party Congress. He stressed time and again the strategic intention of the Central Military Commission of the Party which attaches special importance to the current conference and guides it with deep concern, and the importance of the military education under the present situation.
  He underscored the need to prepare all the military educators as genuine ones that are boundlessly loyal to the idea and leadership of the Party and organize and conduct the military education thoroughly according to the idea, policy and method of the Party and thus train the students as commanding personnel who are absolutely faithful to the Party Central Committee. And he clarified the principles for it, the direction of development of military education, tasks and ways concerning it.
  He said it is important for the military educators to rise up as one and make an all-out dash for bringing about a revolutionary change in the military education, deeply conscious of their noble mission and duty for the Party and the revolution, and made clear the basic characters they should have.
  He ardently called for vigorously opening up a period of new upsurge and leap forward in bringing about a revolutionary change in the military education by making every possible effort for our great Party, for our great state and people and for the eternal mightiness and invincibility of our revolutionary armed forces.
  Kim Jong Un made a closing address.
  He appreciated that the conference of military educators which opened for the 8th time in the history of the revolutionary armed forces have attained its desired end amid the high enthusiasm of the participants. He repeatedly called for making the military education the most advanced one in the state and the one making a substantial contribution to strengthening the core base of the revolutionary armed forces.
  He expressed the deep trust and great expectation that the entire participants would make a great progress in the struggle for implementing the Party's line on bringing about a revolutionary change in the military education by making redoubled efforts, keeping the idea and spirit of the conference deep in their minds, and thus make a genuine contribution to building a revolutionary army faithful to the Party and an elite powerful army.
  There was a short course for the participants during the conference.