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Mystery of Fermented Soybeans
  People in a macrobians' village say about the secret of their longevity as follows:
  "We usually take foods made of soybeans."
  How about taking fermented soybeans on a regular basis?


  Those people who like to eat fermented soybeans and other foods made of them say:
  "I got healthy, regularly taking fermented soybeans."
  "Fermented soybean paste helps digestion."
  "I suffered from cerebral thrombosis for several years, but now I have been recovered thanks to the fermented soybeans."
  "My blood pressure has become normal since I took the fermented soybeans regularly."
  "I was ashamed of alopecia, but fermented soybeans have turned my hair beautiful."
  "Doctors say I have strong legs, though I am nearing 80, because I always eat the fermented soybeans."
  "I am in my sixties, but people say I look young for my age. There is no mystique. Peppered and other fermented soybean paste made me handsome, I think."
  "I have eaten the fermented soybeans for decades. Now I am full of energy and do not fear any difficult work."
  "I have taken peppered bean paste made of fermented soybeans all my life. Now I am as healthy and intelligent as youngsters."

  Fermented soybeans with thousands of year-long history are now mass-produced in an industrial way on the basis of science and technology to the delight of the people.
  Those who want good health need to take fermented soybeans and other foods made of them on a regular basis.
  It will be very beneficial to them and their beloved people.