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"Insam in Water" Wins Popularity
  From olden times, the Korean people called loach the "insam in water" and widely used it as a valuable medicinal material and nutritive foodstuff.
  Recently, it has been proved that the loach has rich essential nutrients with high anti-aging effect and active efforts are made to use it for health protection and treatment of the people.
  Scientists have bred loaches with short production cycle and high productivity.
  Loach farming is actively encouraged everywhere in the country as it can make great profit with low cost.
  The Taedonggang District Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Store is raising a lot of loaches in a small water tank by applying scientific breeding techniques.


  National loach dish competition is held regularly.

  There are restaurants serving loach dishes in the provinces of the country and the districts of Pyongyang City.
  The Janggyong Loach Soup Restaurant under the Sosong District General Restaurant is well-known for its peculiar loach dishes.

  Cook Kwak Sun Sil at the Janggyong Loach Soup Restaurant says:
  "When processing loaches, we make the best use of slime on their surface without discarding it. It improves the taste of dishes and helps full absorption of nutrients.
  We are making tens of loach dishes and many people come to our restaurant."