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Do You Know This?
Five Effects of Exercise

  In order to keep your sound body, you need nutrition, exercise, rest, well-regulated life and so on.
  Especially, exercise is an essential factor for long life in good health and the most effective way of retarding aging.
  Usually, it has five good effects.
  First, it strengthens the heart and blood vessel.
  Second, it improves the respiratory function.
  Third, it develops muscles and strengthens bones.
  Fourth, it betters the function of the digestive system.
  Fifth, it improves the function of brains.
  Labour and exercise can take the place of medicine but medicine cannot replace labour and exercise.

  Physical training is better than a famous medicine.

Singing and Fitness

  Singing has a very good effect on health.
  When you sing a song loudly, it helps improve the function of the lungs and absorb a lot of oxygen. When a lot of oxygen goes into blood, metabolism of the body is promoted.
  You should also try to memorize many new songs, which gives a good stimulus to the brains.
  What's more, songs help put your mind at rest and relieve your excessive tension.

  If you sing songs in your leisure hours or in the evenings as part of your everyday life, you would be not only rich in emotion but also healthy.