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For Our Pyongyang
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea planned to build 50,000 flats in the capital Pyongyang between 2021 and 2025.
  The construction of 50,000 flats is a work to build large-scale modern new streets by expanding the section of the capital Pyongyang to the east and west and to the north.
  If 10,000 flats and striking public buildings are built every year, the capital Pyongyang will be changed more magnificently and splendidly and the housing problem of the capital citizens completely solved.
  Under the leadership of the respected Kim Jong Un who pays a special concern to the housing problem of the people, the direction and order of construction were fixed, a large share of the total budget for the state building given to the construction of dwelling houses and the construction of 50,000 flats adopted as a Party policy.

  Last year Songhwa Street was built in the east of the capital and independently of it, a luxury residential district called Kyongru-dong in the centre of the capital.

  Kim Jong Un guided over 1,200 miniatures of Songhwa Street and gave field guidance to the construction sites of Songhwa Street and the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District on several occasions.
  He said the huge housing construction is not for any economic profits but a noble work of turning the wealth of the state and the fruits of the working people's creative labour into their well-being.
  The construction of 10,000 flats has been actively promoted in the Hwasong area of the capital city this year, the second year of implementing the five-year plan for national economic development.
  Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for a project to build 10,000 flats in the Hwasong area on February 12, Kim Jong Un ardently called for struggling dynamically for our Pyongyang and to bring earlier the happy day when our parents, brothers, sisters and children will move into new flats of the dramatically transformed Hwasong area.
  As they always did, all the capital citizens rose up in response to his ardent appeal.

  They turned out as one for our Pyongyang to be changed more magnificently and splendidly and for our people's happiness.