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Aggressive Moves for Annexation of Korea
  The Japanese imperialists faked up the "Ulsa Five-Point Treaty" in 1905 and the "Jongmi Seven-Point Treaty" in 1907, depriving Korea of her diplomatic right and right of home administration.
  In August 1910 they fabricated the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" in a bid to obliterate the Korean nation and remove Korea as an entity of state only for form's sake forever.

  They drew up a "basic policy toward Korea" to make Korea their complete colony and in May 1910, appointed the notorious Minister of the Army Terautsi the third "Resident-General" in Korea.
  It was as good as an open declaration that they would annex Korea by military threat and blackmail.
  In August 1910 the Japanese imperialists deployed huge aggressor troops in the capital and around the imperial palace to create the network of military oppression setup and gruesome fear, forced Emperor Sunjong to ratify the "commission of full powers" and then, concocted the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" consisting of eight articles. In the "treaty" they stipulated that the ruling power of Korea shall be given to the Japanese king forever and Korea be "annexed" to Japan.
  As regards the fabrication of the "treaty" by the Japanese imperialists, Sunjong, the last emperor of the feudal state of Korea, in his dying words, exposed: "The past 'Korea-Japan annexation' was not ratified by me, but arbitrarily declared by the Japanese together with traitors." "At the time of 'concluding the treaty' the Japanese confined and intimidated me."
  According to the recognized procedures for concluding an international treaty, treaties deciding on important issues between states take effect on ratification by their heads.
  The "mandate" of Emperor Sunjong concerning the "annexation" had no signature of the emperor but the royal seal used for administrative approval. On the contrary, the "edict" of the Japanese king proclaimed on the same day had the great seal and his signature. They conflict with each other in form and content. It clearly proves that Japan's assertion that the "Korea-Japan annexation was legitimately reached through the approval of Emperor Sunjong" is a sheer lie and that the "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" is invalid by international law.
  The Japanese imperialists had concealed the fact about the fabricated "treaty" for fear of the anti-Japanese struggle of the Korean people and proclaimed it on August 29.
  The Korean people were forced untold misfortunes, sufferings and sacrifice for decades due to the aggressive moves of the Japanese imperialists for annexation of Korea and the harsh colonial and fascist oppressive rules aimed at the obliteration of the Korean nation.
  77 years has passed since the defeat of the Japanese imperialists. Far from making an honest apology and compensation for the tremendous immoral crimes against the Korean people, however, Japan keeps resorting to its anachronistic hostile policy toward the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, embellishing its past crimes and dreaming a wild dream of reinvasion.
  This adds new crimes to the past ones, inflaming the anti-Japanese sentiments of the Korean people.