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Answer: On the Position of Korea (Yang Qixiong of China)
Question: What Are the Official Name of Korea and Its Meaning?
  Commencing our new program "Quiz Show", we raised the first question "Where is Korea?".
  Yang Qixiong of China sent us a correct answer to it. He wrote:
  "I send you my answer to 'Quiz Show'.
  Korea is situated in the centre of the eastern part of the Asian continent.
  She borders China and Russia on the north with the Amnok and Tuman Rivers in between. She is washed by the East, West and South Seas of Korea on the east, west and south.
  She is located between latitudes 33 degrees, 06 minutes and 45 seconds north and 43 degrees, 00 minute and 33 seconds north and between longitudes 131 degrees, 52 minutes and 22 seconds east and 124 degrees, 10 minutes and 45 seconds east."
  This time many listeners including Kening of China and Christian Henke of Germany found a correct answer to the position of Korea.
  We extend warm regards to those who sent us answers to the first question.
  Now, we present the next question.
  "What are the official name of Korea and its meaning?"
  Please send us your answers by e-mail or fax before August 15.
  Let us wait and see who will give a more correct answer to the question.