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Technologies of Good Repute
  Amid the active technical reconstruction and creation at industrial establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang, the Ryuwon Footwear Factory has invented and introduced new technologies effective in production.


  Technicians found themselves at the production site with an aim to make research findings recognized by the workers. In the course, they made a robot vehicle helpful to the workers' job.

  Official Ri Myong Il says:
  "Seeing the robot vehicle we made, workers gave their opinions on making it a little more convenient. We found out a clue for a good idea and introduced an automatic unloader to make the vehicle convenient to use and further raise the utility of transportation.
  Basing ourselves on the experience, we have recently invented a tally register which can count materials for footwear automatically and introduced it into the production site. It is gaining public favour."

  The technicians of the factory strive to invent and introduce a greater number of technologies which can give a practical help to the production site.