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National Flag and Korean People
  We love our national flag.

  People take the national flag as precious as their lives. The national flag is always kept in their hearts.
  Everybody likes to wear the clothes with the national flag printed on them and flies and carries the national flag.

  Jon Yong Sim, Workteam Head of the Songyo Knitwear Factory, says:
  "When we see those clothes with the national flag printed on them, we feel delight and optimism in spite of ourselves. Looking at the national flag on the clothes we make, we seem to see the happy people in those clothes and sportspeople training hard in those sportswear."

  The national flag has been kept as the firm faith in the minds of the people and as an inseparable part of all their life shining with creation.
  Kim Sin Hyok says:
  "The spirit and breath of the dignified power and the glorious history of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are represented by the national flag. As we have experienced it as the truth in our life, not in a lecture or a book, we have unusual attachment to and pride in the national flag."
  Kang Mi Yong says:
  "I will devote all my life to the beloved motherland, keeping the national flag in my heart."
  The national flag is a symbol of the dignified state. At the same time, it is the soul and spirit of all the citizens and defender of their destiny and future.

  The national flag will fly forever along with the DPRK.