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Scientist Mining "White Gold"
  Found under the ground are sources of everything needed for life, the valuable resources to be handed down through generations.

  Candidate Academician, Professor and Doctor Kim Ryong Hung, Section Chief at the Resources Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University, is famous as a scientist good at finding underground ultra-saline water.
  He says:
  "Underground ultra-saline water is high-concentration underground water containing over 50 grams of salt and other materials per litre.
  We began the study of it in 2006.
  We made investigation into the formation and evolution of the West Sea of Korea, the creation of environment for forming underground ultra-saline water and its location, and basically confirmed that it might be in our country."
  At that time, Kim Ryong Hung set up such a scientific hypothesis and invented a salt production method based on underground ultra-saline water.
  In order to realize his idea, he set out without hesitation on the prospecting for water course flowing deep under the ground.


  After years of hard work with other researchers, he finally succeeded in finding underground ultra-saline water at a salt works.
  He explored nearly 10,000 hectares of salt fields to find it in several other places.
  In the course of boring, underground ultra-saline water gushed out at salt works on the west and east coasts of Korea, opening a bright prospect for producing salt irrespective of seasons.
  In May Juche 105(2016), the respected Kim Jong Un called at a salt production site where Kim Ryong Hung had conducted research activities, and said that the heaps of white salt look like hills of white gold and producing salt from underground ultra-saline water is as good as digging white gold out of the ground.
  Keeping his instructions deep in mind, Kim Ryong Hung is intensifying his research to dig out a larger amount of "white gold".
  He is looking for a more rational method to not only increase the salt output per hectare but also extract different elements from underground ultra-saline water.