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The Reason Why He Called at the Hospital Again
  The respected Kim Jong Un visited the Ryugyong Dental Hospital on March 21, Juche 103(2014).
  Giving field guidance to the hospital nearing its completion in September of the previous year, he had said with great satisfaction he liked everything.
  He looked round different places including the diagnosis and treatment room, first-aid treatment room and dental prosthesis room to learn about the medical service and management in detail.

  Many people came to the hospital for treatment after its inauguration.

  Ri Yong Hui, doctor of the Ryugyong Dental Hospital, says:
  "After looking round the hospital, the respected Kim Jong Un expressed great pleasure, saying: I am very pleased to see the people receiving medical treatment. I can see brisk medical service activities in the hospital. It was right to have built the hospital. The Ryugyong Dental Hospital should make an active contribution to improving the people's health. It should not be the hospital for propaganda or advertisement as it was provided by the Workers' Party of Korea to the people."
  That day, Kim Jong Un acquainted himself in detail with the statistical data on several months' operation of the hospital and solved all problems, considering even a great number of people who would come to the hospital in the future.
  Like this, he called at the hospital again in six months in order to make it practically contribute to improving the people's health.