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Six Habits of Life for Keeping Sound Waist
  Man may have a great burden on his waist in his everyday life such as doing office work, driving and watching TV at home. Consequently his waist is first aged for his age.
  It is necessary to have proper habit of life in order to prevent such aging. Of course, it is difficult to change the inveterate habit of life. But it's possible if you consciously strive for your good health.
  Now we introduce six habits of life for keeping sound waist.
  First, you should throw out your chest and straighten your back when standing or walking.
  Second, you should put yourself on the back of a chair when sitting.
  Third, you should pull the driver's seat forward enough to bend your knees when driving a car.
  Fourth, it's better to put a pillow or a cushion under your knees when lying on your back and to insert a soft cushion between your knees when sleeping on your side. It is very bad for your waist to sleep on a soft bed with your head on a high pillow. Therefore, you'd better sleep on a hard bed if possible.
  Fifth, you should not stand on tiptoe but on footrest to take something down from a high place.
  Sixth, you should put on low-heeled shoes with comfortable soles rather than too high-heeled or hard ones.