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Palace of Love, Palace of Children
  The Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace is one of the famous structures in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. People call it a palace of love and palace of children.
  The palace is located in Mangyongdae District of the capital Pyongyang.
  It looks like a mother welcoming her children with her arms wide open. It is a comprehensive extracurricular educational base for schoolchildren.

  The building of the palace depicts the bosom of the Workers' Party of Korea which takes warm care of the children. Seen on its top are the slogans "We are the happiest in the world!" and "Let us rush toward the future!". Standing in front of the palace is a sculptural group portraying happy schoolchildren on a horse-drawn carriage.

  The Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace was established on May 2, Juche 78(1989) under the loving care of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who called the children "kings" of the country and bestowed all favours on them.
  It was wonderfully rebuilt in 2015. The respected Kim Jong Un gave valuable instructions on its reconstruction one hundred and tens of times, guided hundreds of blueprints and took kind measures to renovate it more wonderfully.

  There is an autograph of Kim Il Sung in the entrance hall of the palace consisting of several parts.

  The palace has one hundred and tens of circle rooms and training halls peculiar to the subjects and events.
  Besides, it has sports facilities including indoor swimming pool and gymnasium where even international games can be held as well as the science hall, art hall, general art training hall, gift animal specimen room, electronic recreation hall and 4D simulation cinema.
  Outside the palace, there are sports and driving practice grounds in good harmony with the surroundings, and a dormitory for those from provinces behind the palace.
  More than 5,000 schoolchildren conduct extracurricular activities in the palace every day.

  The teachers are all competent persons who have achieved remarkable successes. And the equipment, musical instruments and sporting goods for education are provided by the state.
  Korean children are realizing their hopes without paying a penny in this palace of happiness.