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Which One?
  Everybody knows that physical exercise is good for health. That is why the physical exercise is actively encouraged among people.
  But, there is something you have to know before doing it. That is, what kind of exercise is good for prevention and treatment of a disease? If you take any exercise at random, you may have a reverse effect.
  We introduce some information and you'd better choose an exercise corresponding to your health conditions and purposes.
  - Exercise good for retarding aging
  Running is the best exercise in retarding the aging. Running for a long time makes it possible to regulate the activity of the anti-oxidase in the body, having good effect on the prevention of aging.
  - Exercises good for slimming
  It is said that the exercises of moving hands and feet together are most effective. There are skiing, swimming and so on.
  - Exercises good for prevention of hypertension
  According to research data, exercises good for hypertensives are walking, cycling and the like.
  The hypertensives should avoid the exercises of lifting, pulling and pushing weights. Because those exercises may incur high blood pressure.
  - Exercise good for prevention of myopia
  Table tennis is the best exercise for prevention of myopia.
  When playing table tennis, eyeballs move aiming at its ball from long distance to short distance and up and down, greatly promoting the bloodstream and metabolism of the eyeball tissue. It is said to be effective in preventing myopia.