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Surprising Effects
  When they choose and use cosmetics, people pay attention to their effects. Because they may not have desired effects or sometimes regrettable things like side effects would happen.
  So the experts on cosmetics rack their brains in order to prevent it or clear away the aftereffects if any.
  These days, products of the Mangyongbong Health Goods Production Station are popular among Korean women.

  They include the sponge cucumber juice, willowleaf honeysuckle and cow milk skin protective lotions which were registered as national patent goods.
  The sponge cucumber has long been used for facial skin treatment and whitening. The skin protective lotion made of its juice is a functional product that has strong whitening effect and removes freckles, black spots and moles in a short time. It kills side effects of cosmetics, rids the face of wrinkles and has a good effect on dry and rough skins.
  The willowleaf honeysuckle and cow milk skin protective lotions also soften the skin and have the remarkable effect of removing pimples and treating side effects of cosmetics.
  The Mangyongbong Health Goods Production Station also produces arrowroot-royal jelly capsules conducive to the improvement of the women's health. The arrowroot has strong urination effect and is good for removal of the women's menopausal disorder, and the royal jelly has skin beauty and anticancer effects.
  These products made of natural materials drew the special attention of people in different exhibitions such as the Pyongyang City Consumer Goods Exhibition.
  The users unanimously say they certainly feel their facial skin turning as soft and white as that of a baby.