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"Benefits" of Bean Paste
  Bean paste, a fermented foodstuff, is an excellent national foodstuff characterizing the peculiar dietary culture of the Korean people.

  The Korean people have long made bean paste and used it as a side dish or a seasoning which adds flavour to different foods.
  From olden times, the Korean ancestors regarded bean paste as a foodstuff with five "benefits"--it goes well with any foods, has its own taste though mixed with others, does not go bad for a long time, removes fishy and fatty smell and softens hot spices.
  Scientists proved that bean paste is one of the excellent health foods, and the people came to know that its "benefits" for human beings exceed five by far.
  Bean paste with high digestibility has good effects on the health including anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-radioactivity, anti-aging and obesity control.
  For its surprising health-protecting functions, bean paste is a basic foodstuff indispensable to the diet of the Korean people. The condiments factories in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea mass-produce diverse kinds of bean-paste products, making a contribution to the improvement of the people's diet and health.

  As the necessity for ingesting is emphasized, bean paste which has been handed down as a traditional foodstuff peculiar to the Korean nation is considered to be a world's health food.