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Dying Words of a Renowned Doctor
  Once upon a time, there lived a renowned doctor in a village. The villagers called on him when they fell ill. Only seeing the face and stepping of the patient, he immediately found out his or her problem and gave out a prescription. Unfortunately, he was dying of old age. Villagers attended him at his deathbed. He said to the sad villagers:
  "I will introduce three doctors much better than me. Their names are food, sleep and exercise. Please fill your stomach only 75 percent and never eat too much. Go to bed and get up early. Continuous walking will cure slight illness."
  The doctor stopped talking as he was tired and continued:
  "But the food, sleep and exercise will prove effective when they are accompanied by the following two medicines."
  The villagers listened to him carefully.
  "What is essential to health is laugh and love. The physical fitness is only a half of health. The medicine of laugh should be taken all your life."
  Yes. Laugh is a medicine without side effects. The doctor died in peace after informing the villagers of the most important things he had realized in his life.