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As Main Detachment of Promising Youngsters
  All the young people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea keep an autograph letter of the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un deep in their hearts.
  "A prosperous tomorrow will be brought earlier by the vigorous footsteps of the young people.
  Straight all the time, forward following the Party!   
  Kim Jong Un
  January 26, 2012"

  The autograph letter serves as the banner that convinces the young people of their position and role and historical mission and arouses them to performing miracles and feats.
  Over the 10-odd years the young people have been honoured with proud titles such as "successors to the revolution", "reliable reserves of the Party", "pathfinder and wing of the Party", "unit of stalwart youngsters for accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche", "the most vital detachment" and "main detachment of promising youngsters".
  Kim Jong Un said it is the greatest asset and biggest pride which cannot be compared to anything that a revolutionary party trains its reliable successors and reserves and has promising youngsters.
  Main detachment of promising youngsters--this appellation represents the deep trust in and great expectation for the young people who are performing miracles and feats in all places of the country and in the van of building a powerful socialist country.
  Kim Jong Un entrusted the young people with the most difficult tasks of socialist construction, believing in their inexhaustible strength. He valued and highly appreciated the achievements made by the young people and introduced them to the whole country.
  Encouraged by his love and trust, the Korean young people volunteer to work in difficult and challenging sectors of the socialist construction to do their duty for the country with credit, fully displaying their bravery, unity and fighting efficiency.

  Main detachment--this appellation contains a lot of meanings, that is, the most powerful unit and the most faithful unit. The main detachment should be at the most difficult and challenging sites and shout the hurrah of victory before others.
  Proudly fluttering the flag of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League, the Korean young people will fully display heroism and spirit of the main detachment of youngsters of the Workers' Party of Korea.