/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
Third-day sitting of 9th Plenum of 8th CC, WPK held
  The December 2023 Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea continued on Thursday to confirm the new year's bold and positive development strategy full of the confidence and efforts of our state and people advancing toward the goal of great victory.
  The plenary meeting discussed the issues for increasing the sense of responsibility of the light industrial sector in the implementation of the socialist policy as the second agenda item.
  The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un made a report.
  He analyzed the execution in 2023 of the Party's policy on supplying quality school uniforms, bags and shoes to all the students and pupils throughout the country and indicated in detail the tasks for bringing about a fresh innovation in the production of necessities of the schoolchildren by enhancing the sense of responsibility of the Ministry of Light Industry and other relevant organs, Party and power organs at all levels and school uniform production units across the country in the new year and the ways for implementing them.
  The plenary meeting heard a report on the work of the Central Inspection Commission of the WPK for 2023 as the third agenda item.
  The plenary meeting discussed the fourth agenda item.
  Upon authorization of the plenary meeting, a state budget assessment group was formed to examine the fulfillment of the state budget for 2023 and the draft state budget for 2024.
  For the discussion of the fifth agenda item, the plenary meeting heard a report on a series of measures for strengthening the leadership function of the Party at present and a relevant resolution was adopted with unanimous approval.
  The plenary meeting discussed the organizational matter as the sixth agenda item.
  Sectional workshops were organized to have study and consultation sessions on draft resolutions of the plenary meeting for thoroughly implementing the tasks of the new year's struggle.
 The meeting continues.