/ WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un's
Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un watches New Year performance given by schoolchildren
  Happy laugh and hopeful songs of the schoolchildren across the country, the might and joy of the dignified Workers' Party of Korea and the powerful Democratic People's Republic of Korea, are reverberating more sonorously in the first morning of the New Year.
  A performance of schoolchildren for greeting the New Year 2024 was given with splendor at the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace on January 1.
  The venue of the performance was filled with great excitement and joy of the schoolchildren to sing of the happiest New Year's Day in the world on the significant stage in the presence of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, the tenderhearted father of the large family of the whole country.
  When the respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un arrived at the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren's Palace, academic advisors and schoolchildren of the palace burst into cheers full of great excitement.
  Kim Jong Un was presented with a floral basket carrying the unanimous best wishes of the members of the Korean Children's Union across the country.
  He warmly waved back to the schoolchildren giving an artistry presentation and watched their lovely appearances for a long time at the circle dance hall full of excitement and joy with which they sing and dance in his presence at the palace.
  He watched the science fiction models invented by schoolchildren.
  Stressing the importance of education in theory in raising schoolchildren's brain development and thinking ability, he called for renovating the contents and methods of education to make sure that schoolchildren acquire practical knowledge for socialist construction.
  He met with the schoolchildren with special art talent and watched the pieces created by them, appreciating their drawing and calligraphic skill.
  Being satisfied with a request of a "little artist" to present the Marshal with his picture, he patted him on the cheeks.
  He listened to the story about the pride of exemplary members of the Korean Children's Union about knowledge, virtue and strong physique and expressed great satisfaction over the fact that they have studied hard and led a worthy life of the organizations of the Korean Children's Union and done many good things, wishing them rosy future.
  He appreciated the performance together with senior officials of the Party and the government and department staff members of the Party Central Committee.
  Put on the stage were colorful numbers.
  Unfolded on the stage was the pride of schoolchildren singing of their great happiness under the warm affections and love of the benevolent father who always sets policies for children before anything else and plucks even a star from the sky for the good of the younger generation.
  Through the performance, the audience keenly realized that the reality where the younger generation grow to be reliable successors to shoulder the future of the DPRK, who are qualified intellectually, morally and physically, under the red Party flag of Juche is the most proud and powerful image of the powerful state and the true greatness of our times and revolution.
  The performance was acclaimed by the audience as it reflected the determination of loyalty of schoolchildren to prepare themselves to be young revolutionaries and patriots upholding a powerful country under the uplifted slogan of "Let us be always ready for socialist country!" as befits masters of a thriving and powerful state firmly guaranteeing that the Juche revolution is full of vitality all the time.
  When the performance was over, all the audience raised stormy cheers of "Hurrah!" looking up to the benevolent father who defined the bright laughing of children as the symbol of the socialist system and the mightiness of Korean-style socialism, defends and glorifies their laughing and opened up a broad avenue to the cause of building a powerful state advancing by dint of love for the new generation.
  Kim Jong Un wished good luck for all the children of the country on the New Year, waving back to the enthusiastic cheers of schoolchildren.
  He had a photo session with schoolchildren to show profound loving care which they will always remember, affirming that days and months of our country will be eternal as ones of children's laughing under the care of the Workers' Party of Korea and that the song "We Are the Happiest in the World" will resound as the eternal theme song of the times of the Workers' Party for all ages.