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Revolutionary Activities
President of State Affairs Kim Jong Un pays congratulatory visit to DPRK Academy of Defence Sciences
  The Academy of Defence Sciences of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, entrusted with the honourable mission to dynamically propel the revolution in the defence industry in the new era as a comprehensive scientific research base which has firmly guaranteed the Workers' Party of Korea's great cause of building a military power with the steadfast revolutionary spirit, outstanding patriotic will and matchless scientific and technological capability, has greeted its 60th founding anniversary in the course of its proud development.
  Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, visited the Academy of Defence Sciences on May 28, the 60th anniversary of its founding, and congratulated and encouraged the defence scientists.
  All the scientists, technicians and officials, who had the boundless honour and happiness of greeting the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un at the academy for whom they had been longing so much on its 60th anniversary to be specially recorded in the history of revolutionary leadership over the defence sciences of the WPK, which pioneered the great historic cause of building a rich country with a strong army with the firm independent faith and determination, warm heart and soul and deep affection, shouldering the destiny of the country and its people, were filled with great emotion and joy.
  When Kim Jong Un arrived, enthusiastic cheers went up.
  The defence scientists extended the highest tribute and glory with loud cheers to Kim Jong Un, the power of Juche Korea and ever-victorious banner who provided a perfect shortcut and springboard to the defence development of Korean style and defends the prestige and safety of the state and the people with his far-sighted wisdom, outstanding leadership ability, strong offensive power and tough courage in the vanguard of indomitable frontline journey for bolstering up the national defence capability.
  Kim Jong Un received a salute from the President of the Academy of Defence Sciences.
  An official and a researcher of the academy presented him with bouquets reflecting the boundless trust and reverence of all the defence scientists.
  Kim Jong Un warmly acknowledged the reliable defence scientists significantly commemorating the anniversary of the academy amid the brilliant honour and distinguished feats of upholding the great military and strategic plan of the Party Central Committee with the most thoroughgoing and perfect research successes in the core strategic fortress for building a powerful state and the advance base for modernizing the Korean People's Army and bolstering up the military capabilities for self-defence.
  He was accompanied by Ri Pyong Chol, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the WPK, Pak Jong Chon, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the WPK and Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, Jo Chun Ryong, Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, Kim Jong Sik, First Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the WPK, and Jang Chang Ha, Director General of the Missile Administration of the DPRK.
  He made a significant speech on the occasion of his congratulatory visit to the academy.
  In the speech, he expressed his pleasure at his visit to the patriotic talents' mother base, which is leading with science and technology the highly honourable defence industry that has grown stronger by making the revolutionary character of the WPK its own special quality, on its significant 60th anniversary. On behalf of the Party Central Committee and the government of the DPRK, he extended warm congratulations to all the scientists, technicians, workers and officials of the DPRK Academy of Defence Sciences who have contributed with scientific and technological capabilities to bolstering up the might and dignity of the state in every way on the long journey of revolution.
  He referred to the pride of the WPK which could win the high prestige and honour of invincibility at every step thanks to the great role of the Red defence science talents of the WPK and the heroic contribution of the defence scientists who laid the foundation for the development of the armaments industry and created the noble tradition with their firm patriotic faith. He paid high tribute to the feats of the scientists, technicians and officials in the national defence field who have served as a solid cornerstone of the fighting capability of the Korean People's Army which keeps guaranteeing the ever-victorious history of the DPRK with arms.
  Referring to the grave security environment of the state created in the course of the revolution in the defence industry which has made rapid progress by dint of changes and miracles and all the issues urgently arising in boosting the military capabilities, he critically analyzed and evaluated the danger and recklessness of the US imperialists' and their stooges' political and military provocations getting ever more outrageous.
  He said the present situation requires further strengthening the war deterrent in every way and steadily developing the DPRK's armed forces into an entity of super-powerful and absolute strength. He stressed the importance of the role of the sci-tech think-tank in the second revolution in the national defence industry and indicated the militant tasks and ways facing the Academy of Defence Sciences in a new era of struggle presupposing a fresh leap forward in expanding the defence capability.
  He expressed his belief that all the scientists and officials of the academy would achieve greater innovative successes in the research and development of ultra-modern military hardware, united more firmly with the intention and will of the Party Central Committee, so as to keep demonstrating the dignity and might of a powerful country and always remain faithful to the sacred responsibility and duty they have assumed on behalf of the revolution and the people.
  When he finished the speech, the defence scientists broke into stormy cheers of "Hurrah!" filled with a firm confidence in the Party's invariable will to build defence capability for guaranteeing the eternal dignity and honour of the country and its people and in the subsequent great new changes in bolstering up the self-reliant defence capability and the war preparedness.
  He encouraged the defence scientists full of the passion to rapidly and resolutely attain the cutting-edge goals for increasing the defence capability set forth by the Party Central Committee with their redoubled efforts and inexhaustible resources and wisdom, bearing deep in mind the creed that great defence capability that is steadily developed and improved precisely means the genuine dignity and name of a powerful country, durable peace and rosy future.
  Kim Jong Un went round the revolutionary museum.
  He said the brilliant history of the Academy of Defence Sciences is associated with the noble lives and immortal patriotic exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who organized the country's first ordnance scientific research institute in the days of the hard-fought war to proclaim the establishment of Juche-oriented defence sciences, developed it in the 1960s into a unified defence scientific research institute which would carry out the Party's policy on defence sciences most accurately, and provided an eternal foundation for the development of defence sciences with their far-sighted wisdom and outstanding leadership.
  It is the eternal truth that can never change nor be decoloured that the development and success of the Korean revolution are unthinkable without the most preferential bolstering up of the national defence capabilities, he said, calling on the defence scientists to add brilliance to the academy's legendary name and history of having consolidated the cornerstone of the DPRK under the leadership of the Party by always remembering the supreme responsibility and duty they have assumed for the revolution and future and stepping up the implementation of the Party's strategy for developing national defence continuously and unyieldingly.
  He looked round the exhibition hall of the academy, guided by its leading official.
  He said the ultimate goal of the revolutionary cause for firmly defending the dignity and sovereignty of the state and the people is to possess the greatest strategic strength in the world and the absolute power unprecedented in history. The world-class powerful defence capability unheard-of in our nation-building history is the inexhaustible power that can be linked only with the appellation of Juche, which has given eternal viability to the name and flag of our country and rapidly raised our national prestige and the power of truth that can be won only by the genuine patriots who have vigorously followed the glorious road that they can feel proud of before the country and posterity and by the communists who accomplish the most just cause, he noted.
  He gave precious instructions that would serve as guidelines for the academy in researching and developing more advanced military hardware corresponding to the goal of modernization of the KPA and its demand in keeping with the changed subjective and objective conditions and environment of the revolution and the trend of the development of defence sciences which is steadily evolving in the new century by accepting as the demand of the revolution and the people the plan and determination of the Party Central Committee to further develop the power of the DPRK's armed forces into the greatest one without a moment's stagnation.
  Kim Jong Un had a photo session in commemoration of his congratulatory visit to the academy.
  All the participants offered their heartfelt thanks to him, looking up with tears of emotion to him, the great teacher and benevolent father, who has identified them as the best heroes and patriots and the unit under the command of the Party Central Committee and repeatedly shown love and benevolence to be conveyed to posterity.
  He expressed expectation that the scientific research camp of the academy would continue to achieve great successes in the vanguard of the sacred struggle for steadily boosting the national defence capability and absolutely guaranteeing the reliable and solid security environment for the comprehensive development of socialism with their more courageous stamina, full confidence and strenuous creative ability peculiar to them, firmly united under the red flag of the WPK.
  Raising stormy cheers of "Kim Jong Un" and "Death-defying defence", the defence scientists who were honoured to receive the immense love and trust from the great leader made a firm resolution to go all out toward a higher goal of increasing the national defence capability, the highest expression of patriotism, and thus steadily develop and complete the Juche-based advanced weapons fully charged with our ideology and technology.
  The sacred leadership of Kim Jong Un at the DPRK Academy of Defence Sciences will be recorded in the history as a significant occasion which has added fresh vitality to the struggle for fully bolstering up the invincible self-defence capability, the root of the state's existence and the fundamental guarantee for eternal progress, and as an important milestone for the development of the Juche-oriented defence sciences.