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Sublimest Jongil Peak
  Jongil Peak is standing on the crest of Mt. Paektu, a celebrated mountain of Korea.

  In front of the peak is the old home of the great leader Kim Jong Il.
  Seen from the old home in the Paektusan Secret Camp are the letters "Jongil Peak" inscribed in reflection of the unanimous aspiration and desire of the Korean people to tell his undying achievements to posterity for all ages.


  Jongil Peak was formed at the time of the eruption of volcano of the Paektu. It is 1,798 metres above the sea level. It looks magnificent and singular.
  The northern ridge is linked to a neighbouring peak and the southern slope is about 100-metre-high precipice.
  Diverse fauna and flora of Jongil Peak add beauty to the peak.
  More than 300 kinds of plants are found in the area of Jongil Peak.
  Abies nephrolepis, spruce and Picea Koraiensis grow thick and evergreen around the Jongil Peak. Azalea, mountain ash, alder and other plants grow around the precipice inscribed with the letters "Jongil Peak". In spring flowers bloom beautifully and in autumn the peak is tinged with red, presenting a fascinating view.
  Living in the area of Jongil Peak are one hundred and tens of kinds of winged animals and tens of kinds of wild animals such as bear, wild boar, roe deer and hedgehog. In autumn wild ducks fly by the Sobaek Stream meandering the Jongil Peak.
  Jongil Peak is spectacular and mysterious in the blizzards of winter.

  Jongil Peak with clouds on its waist is standing imposingly, wrapping the old home in the Paektusan Secret Camp. Its spectacular view is the best.
  Jongil Peak is beautiful, mysterious and sublimest.