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Let's Unite with Patriotism!
  Every country has its way of development.
  What is the motive force of its advance? What is the strength it depends on? The speed of development and advance of the countries is decided by them.
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a new era of the overall development of socialism is created by the strength of the entire people united with patriotism under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.
  The all-people unity based on patriotism is most powerful and solidest.
  The Korean revolution, that has to develop all the sectors and fields of the country simultaneously, change not only the capital city but also the provinces and create new socialist rural civilization, is carried on in the ceaseless isolation and suffocation moves of the hostile forces as it was.

  The DPRK has been built into a powerful country with invincible strength under the wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.
  Kim Jong Un said that today our state has been able to look forward to a bright prospect of overall prosperity under a sure guarantee with the fame and authority which cannot be ignored by the world thanks to the valuable blood and sweat and priceless devotion of the great people who have made all efforts for the victory of the socialist cause, firmly believing only in the WPK and the DPRK government despite the difficulties.
  Last year, the torch of the socialist patriotic movement for increased coal production spread to the flames of joint innovations in the field of coal industry, the struggle for increased production was vigorously waged in the whole of the national economy and socialist patriotic movements such as the one to donate rice and the naval vessels fund donation movement were active in the DPRK.
  The year 2023 confirmed once again that when the people are inspired with patriotism, it is possible to overcome all the difficulties and trials and achieve amazing successes.
  Years passed by and generations were changed, but patriotism of the Korean people who devote their all to the prosperity and development of the country is still the foundation of supporting the country.
  Today, the Korean people are devoting all their strength, wisdom and passion to building a powerful socialist country under the slogan; "Let's unite with patriotism!".