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Methodology He Taught
  Cities and counties are local bases guiding the rural and regional economy in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is energetically leading the cities and counties to firmly build up their own technical forces, saying their development is guaranteed by science and technology.
  One day in July Juche 107(2018) he visited the Onpho Workers' Holiday Camp in Kyongsong County of North Hamgyong Province.
  He gave a detailed task to rebuild the holiday camp on a modern basis and asked a leading official of the county about the future plan and the local industry of the county.

  That day, he said it is important to do good work for modernizing the condiments factory and continued: It is necessary to stir up the technicians and skilled workers in the county in order to normalize the production and attain the modernization goals at the regional-industry factories.
  Science and technology are the main resources in developing the county and the technicians and skilled workers are the main forces in building the county.
  His instructions represented the methodology for the county to advance in the era of rapid progress.