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Why He Changed His Schedule
  Scientists and technicians in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are devoting all their wisdom and passion to prosperity and development of the socialist country.
  The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un values them and shows all his love to them.
  He looked round the newly built Wisong Scientists Residential District in October Juche 103(2014).

  He said the Wisong Scientists Residential District was built not to display our building techniques, but to help the scientists make scientific researches without any inconveniences.
  He described the scientists as patriots devoting themselves to building a powerful country and said there is nothing to spare for them. And he stressed the need to always pay concern to holding up and treating them preferentially.
  That day, while looking round the residential district, he said: Today I am going to have a photo session with the scientists who would move into the new houses. The sun would go down soon and let's have a photo taken first.
  This is how his schedule was changed.
  As said above, Kim Jong Un provided scientists with wonderful houses and spent his valuable time for them, changing even his schedule.