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Educator Seen by a Little Girl
  It is said that children learn their first word from their mothers. Perhaps that's why the first word children say is "mum".
  But there is a girl who learned her first word from a kindergarten teacher. She was Ju Hong Gyong who could neither speak nor hear due to an unexpected accident.
  Her mother Hyon Mi Yon says:
  "I wanted to bring up my daughter well...
  I worried myself about her. But she learned mother tongue from her kindergarten teacher. She left the kindergarten and is attending a school.
  It is Jong Yun Gyong who taught my daughter the first word. So I was grateful to her and my daughter follows her as much as she does to me."

  Jong Yun Gyong is a teacher of the Wasan Kindergarten in Sosong District of Pyongyang. Ju Hong Gyong was involved in her class in April last year. At that time her mother earnestly requested Jong to make her daughter mix herself among the classmates.
  So, Jong Yun Gyong taught her drum and let her take part in the school sports on June 1. Yet, she felt a strong impulse to do more things for the girl. Recollecting that time, she said:
  "I thought I did my duty as a teacher by making Ju Hong Gyong mix herself among other children. Getting on with her, however, I thought that if she was my daughter, I wouldn't have left her dumb and deaf. So, I told her mother that I would bring her up with all my conscience as an educator." 
  Jong Yun Gyong carefully examined the girl and started with the training for relieving the stiffness in her lips.
  She had to understand the characteristics of all the letters and find out the knack of teaching them. But it was not easy to make her acquire the pronunciation of those letters. Ju Hong Gyong failed to pronounce some letters properly even after repeating them hundreds of times.
  Jong Yun Gyong was so impatient that she put Ju Hong Gyong's finger into her throat so that Ju could see and feel with her own eyes and hand how the letters were pronounced through the position and vibration of her tongue.
  Sometimes she became effeminate and exhausted because she had to do her duty as the mother of a four-year-old son and a daughter-in-law taking care of her parents-in-law after teaching her kindergarten children all day long.
  What troubled herself all the more, however, is that she thought whether she was imposing a pointless burden on Ju Hong Gyong, Jong said.
  Thanks to her sincere efforts, Ju Hong Gyong learned the Korean syllabary and started to learn words.
  "The first word Ju Hong Gyong said to me was 'mum'. It seemed as if my daughter was calling me 'mum'. So I embraced her and cried. I really felt like embracing my daughter and it seemed as if I was her real mother.
  She is now attending a school.
  Frankly speaking, the love I showed to her seems not to be enough and what I taught her seems to be small. Seeing her go to school with a satchel on her shoulders, I realized once again that I am an educator."

  Ju Hong Gyong will finish the primary and middle school courses just like other children.
  The girl will see her mother in the conscientious and devoted educators.