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Law of War Victory
  The politico-ideological superiority is the might of the Korean People's Army and the source of strength to defeat any imperialist aggressive forces lies in bringing it into full play.
  It is proved by the confrontation with the imperialist allied forces which has been lasting for centuries.
  It is a constant view of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un that the more desperately the enemy resort to the weapon-everything idea, the more firmly we should hold fast to the ideology-everything idea and that we can defeat any enemy as long as we are strong in ideology.
  Today, the KPA is opening the heyday of its development thanks to the outstanding military idea and extraordinary leadership of Kim Jong Un.
  Kim Jong Un put forward the direction and general line for army building to firmly keep and steadily enhance the absolute superiority of the revolutionary armed forces, opening a new stage of their development.
  Under his guidance the People's Army has been strengthened and developed into an elite revolutionary army strong in ideology and faith and is winning successive victories in the fierce confrontation with the hostile forces.
  On April 10, Juche 113(2024) Kim Jong Un visited Kim Jong Il Military and Political Academy and said it is an immutable law of war victory to neutralize the numerical and military and technical superiority of the enemy by means of superiority in ideology and war methods.

  And he urged the academy to make greater successes in education so as to fill the different levels of the entire army with competent and versatile commanding officers gifted with special qualities and spirit to overpower the enemy with ideological, mental, militant, moral and tactical superiority.
  The confrontation between the Korean army and the imperialist allied forces is, as ever, that between the weapon-everything idea and the ideology-everything idea.
  As they are led by Kim Jong Un, the revolutionary armed forces of Korea will emerge ever-victorious with the politico-ideological might.