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Irrigation System To Be Perfected
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea worked out a plan to perfect the irrigation system of the country during the five-year plan and is pushing ahead with the work for its implementation at a lightning speed.
  Powerful guiding forces for the irrigation construction were organized in the capital and the provinces, cities and counties and even the People's Army was mobilized for the work.
  Last year two waterway projects and a desalinization project were completed and irrigation projects for over 200,000 hectares of fields concluded.
  At present the irrigation canal and dry-field irrigation projects and the construction and repair of underground water facilities planned this year have been finished in the main.
  The large-scale irrigation projects are conducted under the energetic leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

  In December Juche 110(2021) he comprehensively analysed the status of irrigation in the agricultural sector and presented the goal of irrigation construction to be attained by 2025.
  Kim Kwang Il, Department Head of the Agricultural Commission, says:
  "On December 30, 2022 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that it is necessary to push ahead with the work for readjusting, reinforcing and completing the irrigation system of the country as a gigantic nature-remaking project in a bold way, and added that the work can be realized only when it is planned and done in a big way.
  He earnestly said that the readjustment, reinforcement and completion of the irrigation system of the country should be planned scrupulously and carried out on a nationwide scale like the construction of 10,000 flats in Pyongyang every year."
  The most difficult of the irrigation projects in the DPRK is to build the dry-field irrigation facilities.
  Much more materials and funds should be invested in the dry-field irrigation than the paddy field irrigation in our country where the topography and area of the fields are different and which has a lot of sloping fields in particular.
  Acquainting himself with the situation, Kim Jong Un said:
  When we invest in and conduct an undertaking, we must do it qualitatively. If we fail to do so and the irrigation system does not pay off, either we or the younger generations have to do it again. So we must carry out the irrigation projects permanently, though difficult.
  He added that as the solving of the water problem arising in farming is the work to realize the centuries-old desire of the farmers, the design should be made perfect even after 50, nay, 100 years.
  Now the DPRK has confirmed the stepwise goals for completing the irrigation system of the country within a few years and accelerates the irrigation projects as a national undertaking.