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Why Is the DPRK Solid?
  Celebrations of the 75th founding anniversary of the Korean People's Army were grandly held in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in February last year.
  Invited there were special delegates who were not the service personnel in military uniforms but civilians.
  It happened one day in January when the preparations for the celebrations of the Army Day were in full swing.
  That day the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un learned about the preparations for the celebrations and gave an instruction on inviting the parents who made their several children serve in the People's Army and those who performed feats in the assistance to the army as special delegates to the celebrations.
  Every citizen of this country regards it as a sacred duty and honour to become service personnel defending the country and considers the assistance to the army to be a compulsory work everybody should do. But Kim Jong Un treasures the deeds of the people who continue to assist the army faithfully, seen or unseen, and holds them up, speaking highly of their feats.
  Later, he paid special concern even to making up the itinerary of the special delegates and their rest during their stay in Pyongyang.
  And on February 14, he had a photo taken with them.

  That day, he said: The spirit of the special delegates is a model to be followed by all the people. The difficult time when the war victory has been defended for 70 years is more valuable than the trying days in which a victory in the war was brought about.
  The number of patriots is on the increase in this country thanks to him who values most the people devoting their patriotic sincerity to the country and holds them up.
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea gets firmer with the great might of patriotism.