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What Do the Public Sentiments in This Country Represent?
  What a wonderful society we live in?
  I will devote everything to the grateful country.
  These are the public sentiments felt everywhere in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Then, what do the public sentiments represent?

From the Capital City to Remote Mountain Villages
at the Northern End

  We've greeted the delightful "season of removal into new houses".

  People move into new houses in all parts of the country, which are built one after another in the new era of rural development. In April the wonderful and modern Rimhung Street was inaugurated, drawing the attention of the whole world. And one month later, the magnificent Jonwi Street was inaugurated as a grand monument to youth intensively showing the future of our civilized, prosperous and powerful state.

Rimhung Street

Jonwi Street

  Now an endless stream of refugees who leave their dear hometowns wander about hopelessly on the globe. In the DPRK, however, processions of happy people are seen moving into new houses both in the capital city and rural villages.
  People in any country and any era want to live in good houses. The housing construction in our country is a long-cherished desire of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un is a kindhearted father who is concerned for the circumstances of every family in this country, worrying if the houses are small for the growing children and if it isn't the time for the children to make a new home. His considerate concern reached all parts ranging from the mountain villages at the northern end to the out-of-the-way islands and his devoted efforts to provide the people with better and modern houses get greater with each passing day.
  It is his unchangeable creed that the heavier his burden becomes and the greater his hardships get, the better life the people and posterity will enjoy.
  That's why all people in this country say in unison that they have the greatest father in the world and that they believe in Marshal Kim Jong Un alone.
  The public sentiments in this country represent the people's ardent desire to follow him to the end of the earth. This is the immutable law and truth of life.

Along with the Start of the Regional Industry Revolution

  Songchon County is a mountainous area in South Phyongan Province with no large-scale industrial bases drawing the attention of the whole country or large plains.
  In the olden times the county had nothing special to boast of but chestnuts and tobacco. On February 28, however, it cropped up into prominence to the whole country, nay, to the whole world and became the focus of everybody's attention marking its name clearly in the new history of great changes.
  People of Songchon County were greatly excited to hear the news that they are the first to benefit from the "Regional Development 20×10 Policy" of the Workers' Party of Korea.

  On the significant day, Kim Jong Un said anyone who is born on this land should lead an abundant and civilized life under the socialist policy of the state, whether they live in the capital city or regions, in towns or mountain villages, and it is the core of the new policy of regional development to see to it that they do so without fail. His speech excited the whole country beyond the boundary of Songchon County.
  Ground-breaking ceremonies for regional-industry factories were held every day in 20 cities and counties across the country ranging from Kim Hyong Jik County to Jangphung County and new miracles and feats are performed at the construction sites every day.

  Growing all the more with each passing day are the patriotism and loyalty of the people to repay the favour of Kim Jong Un by devoting everything to building their hometowns into a socialist paradise as early as possible with local resources and their own efforts and technology.
  All people in this country were born again in the era of great changes, a new era when the regions are face-lifted.
  The slogan "Let us unite with patriotism!" has become a definite view of life and real life of the Korean people.
  The patriotism and loyalty of the people are an eruption of the public sentiments that all happiness lies in trusting and following Kim Jong Un.
  The leader and the people form a harmonious whole and everybody takes the only road of patriotism and loyalty in the DPRK.
  Public sentiments cannot be forged or forced.
  The DPRK will be powerful forever as it was built on the firm foundation of public sentiments and as it advances with their great and vigorous strength.