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Even a Dot and a Line
  Great entities of creation and construction are witnessed in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.

  The magnificent Songhwa, Hwasong and Rimhung streets built in the capital city of Pyongyang are associated with speculation and pursuit of researchers of the Architecture Design Institute under the Pyongyang University of Architecture.
  Most of the members of the institute are youngsters in their 20s and 30s.
  They are devoting all their energies to architectural designs with the consciousness that even a dot and a line they mark should represent the socialist civilization in the era of the Workers' Party and the ideals and dreams of the people.
  They are pooling creative wisdom while exchanging experience with each other in order to present peculiar architectural designs with harmonious combination of national style and modern beauty.
  The architectural designs "Hyoksin"(innovation) and "Jagangryok"(self-development) and the Architectural Information Modelling Support Program 2024 they developed were highly estimated by the participants at the 21st May 21 Architectural Festival held some time ago.

  Director Pu Hyon Gon says:
  "Our institute completes designs for major objects and introduces them into practice. At the same time, it studies the technology of architectural design according to the trend of developing architecture. We've already completed the design of 10,000 flats at the third stage of the Hwasong area. Now we are giving technical assistance to the construction sites and at the same time, accelerating the development of architectural information modelling technology."
  Endless is the passion of the researchers who are opening up a new path of Juche architecture in the van of building a socialist civilized nation.