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Teaching and Training Put on a Highly Scientific Basis
  Shift and cycle of generations in the sports sector are faster than in other sectors. So, training reserve athletes is a very important work related to the development of physical culture and sports of the country.


  The Taedonggang District Extracurricular Sports School in the capital city of Pyongyang is directing efforts to putting the teaching and training on a highly scientific basis so as to train promising reserve athletes.
  Principal Kim Kwang Uk says:
  "Our school demands all the teachers select students with physical constitution suited to the characteristics of every event and give them education of basic techniques in a theoretical and scientific way."
  The school widely introduces new teaching methods into every event and maps out scientific and detailed plans for teaching and training and carries them out.
  It has applied a program explaining techniques in different situations to teaching so as to constantly enhance the cognitive effectiveness of students.


  A training apparatus for measuring the accuracy of reaction and moving speed in table tennis has been invented and introduced, proving effective in practice.
  Means of training effective for developing the waist strength have been applied to bring about good result in snatch.
  The introduction of a program for acquiring basic technical movements and tactics enables the students to increase their creative and practical ability in the basketball education as well.
  The scientific training methods helpful to improving the quality of teaching and training in every event actively contribute to raising the ability of students in matches.
  The efforts of the teachers will bring about a remarkable result in the 60th National Contest of Sports Schools.