/ Quiz Show
Please Enjoy the Program "Quiz Show"
  Dear audience,
  From today "Voice of Korea" will present a new program "Quiz Show" with intent to learn and share diverse knowledge and common sense and deepen the ties of friendship with friends in all countries of the world.
  In the program we are going to set questions related to politics, economy, culture, history, nature and geography of Korea and the rest of the world and other questions that were raised and are raised or may be raised in the future, and let you know them and share views and opinions on them with you.
  What is important is that any visitors to the homepage of "Voice of Korea" can give his or her own idea enough and frankly or be estimated through this program.
  This program is the theatre of friendship of all the audience.
  Let's become the masters of this program to widen the knowledge and vigorously advance toward a beautiful new world, fully displaying our go-ahead and just spirit.
  Now we raise a question on Korea.
  Where is Korea?--that is--in which place of a continent can it be found?
  Please find the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the world map.
  If you confirm the position of the DPRK, please send us an e-mail or a fax.
  We will let you know the correct answer to the question next time.
  Please wait for the next time.