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Most Popular Mineral Water
  There are a lot of mineral waters and spas in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Among them is the Kangso Mineral Water gushing out in Yaksu-ri, Kangso District of Nampho City which has been known as the best one in the taste and pharmacological action.
  The Kangso Mineral Water is a carbonate-bicarbonate spring. It is a subacid one whose pH is under 6.0.
  It is used for treatment of chronic gastritis hypoacida, gastric and duodenal ulcer, chronic enteritis and colitis, habitual constipation, chronic hepatitis, arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, nephrolithiasis and acyesis. It is also used in hot bath for treatment of chronic cardic insufficiency and vegetative neurosis.

  The Kangso Mineral Water Factory is producing the Kangso Mineral Water in an industrial way, which is widely and effectively used in treatment.
  It is also producing carbonated juice with the mineral water.

  The factory has a mineral water bathhouse built for balneum and kinesitherapy such as hot bath and feet stimulation therapy.
  The Kangso Mineral Water is making an active contribution to the promotion of the people's health with amazing effectiveness. People's interest in it is growing day by day.