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Kumgang Peak and Kumgang Cave
  The Kumgang Peak and the Kumgang Cave are attractions in Mt. Chilbo, one of the six celebrated mountains in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  The peak and cave made of igneous rocks form a mountain.
  The mountainous region consists mainly of volcanic rocks, which was weathered into queer peak and rocks.
  The relative height of the Kumgang Peak is 35 metres.
  The Kumgang Peak is reminiscent of a flaring signal tower.
  Pine and maple trees and honeysuckle are growing in the crevices of rocks on the breast of the peak, decorating the peak beautifully every season.
  The Kumgang Cave is found about 100 metres from the peak, which was formed by the weak parts of igneous rocks weathered by erosion.

  The Kumgang Peak and the Kumgang Cave are of significance in studying the formation and weathering of the volcanic rocks and also add beauty to Mt. Chilbo.