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You Can Cure Diseases Easily
  Long ago, medical scientists clarified that the major causes of different kinds of diseases including cancer and diabetes are the acidification of human body by cation and the effect of active oxygen accelerating oxidation, and set it as their urgent task to find out the ways to detoxify them. 
  An ideal therapy is to suppress the increase of cation and other factors of environmental pollution which accelerate oxidation of cells and to raise the vitality of organism. That is the anion-far infrared therapy.
  The employees of the Okryu Health Goods Production Company are inventing and introducing patented technologies to develop a lot of functional health goods which are specially effective for health, longevity and treatment of diseases.

  The goods developed by them can easily cure the people of various diseases.
  Kang Chol Su is one of the developers. He says:
  "The treatment apparatuses we developed are based on the principle of suppressing the active oxygen in the human body and improving the immunocompetence of organism by sending out far infrared rays and anion good for health. The thermal foot massager, vaginitis treatment apparatus and multi-functional treatment apparatus, in particular, are very popular among people for their good therapeutic effects."

  The thermal foot massager produces the effects of traditional foot massotheraphy, thermotherapy and anion-far infrared therapy at the same time. It is said that the massager can cure digestive disorder, gonalgia, somnipathy, heart diseases, paralysis due to cerebral infarction and haemorrhage, lumbago, obesity, anasarca and others.

  The vaginitis treatment apparatus is very convenient to use and produces effects unexpected in other suppositories for vaginitis.
  If you put the multi-functional treatment apparatus on the region of disease or pain, you can feel that you get better or pain wears off.
  Those products received the anion emission, far-infrared radiation and radioactivity safety inspection at the state quality authentication institutions. They also went through clinical tests at different curative units including the Hospital of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences and the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital to prove their effectiveness.
  The developers are making continued efforts to invent a larger number of products with various health protection functions and thus contribute to the improvement of the people's health. The people will see more surprising curative effects in the future.