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West Sea Barrage
  The West Sea Barrage is in Nampho City with a main port of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  Nampho is a coast gateway city of the capital Pyongyang, industrial city and port trade city.
  It has many coastal beauty spots and tourist resorts including the Waudo Pleasure Ground.
  About 15 kilometres west of the Hanggu Hotel in the city are the gateposts where the dam of the West Sea Barrage starts.

  Embossed on the gateposts are heroic workers and soldiers of the Korean People's Army who built the West Sea Barrage.
  The West Sea Barrage is a grand monumental structure built across the eight-kilometre-wide rough sea.

  It was completed in five years and inaugurated in June Juche 75(1986).
  The barrage has three lock chambers where ships of up to 50,000 tons can sail in and out, and railway line, motorway and sidewalk on the dam.

  As the West Sea Barrage was built, a large artificial lake was formed on the lower Teadong River with abundant water, making it possible to solve the problem of irrigation water in the farmland of the western area and the problems of industrial and drinking water.
  And a new prospect was opened in the development of transport and the shore of the Teadong River became more beautiful.