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Medicinal Value of Blueberry
  Blueberry contains sugar, organic acid, amino acid, vitamins and minerals harmoniously.

  It has very high medicinal value with a lot of physiological activators which are not or less contained in other kinds of fruit.
  Blueberry is said to have taken the first place as a result of the comparative analysis of the antioxidative action of over 40 kinds of fruit and vegetables.
  With strong antioxidative activity, it retards the aging of the human body, improves memory and is specially efficacious against cataract, nyctalopia and other diseases caused by active oxygen and different kinds of senile diseases.
  Blueberry is good for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It strengthens capillary, makes blood, lowers blood-sugar levels and keeps heart strong. So it is effective in the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia, anemia and scurvy.
  In addition, blueberry promotes metabolism to increase the resistance to all sorts of diseases and has the antibacterial and anti-convulsant actions and the actions of detoxication and neural regulation. It is also effective in the prevention of the urinary passage infection. Its regular use can control the increase of tumour cells including breast cancer.
  Blueberry has not only good fragrance and taste but also high medicinal value. So, it can be used raw or processed in various ways.
  At present, blueberry is cultivated in many countries and regions. But very popular is the blueberry growing in the primeval forest and the open area around Mt. Paektu of Korea.
  The Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory in Samjiyon City of Ryanggang Province produces a large quantity of good-quality drinks and processed goods with the Peaktusan Blueberry as raw materials.

  Those products widely known as specialities of Ryanggang Province are actively used to improve the people's health.