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Developers of "Myongrok"
  "Myongrok" is the name of the vegetable organic agrochemicals which were industrialized in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the first time.

  They were developed by scientists of the Koryo Biological Medicine Laboratory of the Botanical Institute under the State Academy of Sciences.
  The agrochemicals were made on the basis of the traditional Koryo pharmaceutical manufacturing technology. They have diverse and superior insecticidal and sterilizing effects and wide range of extermination rather than the former ones. They can easily exterminate vermin of paddy rice, field crops, fruit and vegetables. The exterminating efficiency is 70 to 90 percent.
  But those agrochemicals do not damage the human, domestic animals, fish and crops at all.
  "Myongrok" contains all kinds of nutrients and activators such as protein, vegetable oil, sugar and organic acid. So it has good effect on the growth of crops as well as the extermination of vermin.
  The use of the agrochemicals during the growing period including the stage of seed processing makes it possible to enhance the general physiological activity including germination, root growth, photosynthesis and resistance to the unfavourable environment.
  When those agrochemicals are used to cultivate preceding crops including wheat and barley, the harvest time can be brought much earlier, making the double cropping safe.
  "Myongrok" has been introduced into agriculture over the past 10-odd years. It has been used as "poison" to the vermin but as "tonic" to the crops.

  Afterwards, the developers developed various kinds of hi-tech products such as natural bio-activator, clove immunity-active drink and green life-active card.
  In Juche 106(2017) the World Intellectual Property Organization recognized the natural bio-activator as a world's natural green pollution-free organic compound fertilizer and awarded inventor medals to the developers.
  Now the developers are intensifying their research to further raise the efficacy of the vegetable agrochemicals "Myongrok" and the natural bio-activator.