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Fruit with Mysterious Effects
  Schizandra fruit with five tastes is one of the natural medicinal materials adding vigour to the human body and promoting the people's health.

  It has sweet, sour, hot, salty and bitter tastes.
  It is good for weakly persons from birth or those who get tired easily, breathe with difficulty and sweat a lot due to aftereffects of various diseases.
  It also improves the eyesight and has the functions of anti-aging and liver protection. 
  One of its mysterious medicinal effects is the improvement of the cognitive faculty. Schizandra fruit enhances the cognitive faculty and working efficiency of the people as it strengthens brain functions and stabilizes mentality.
  For its cardiotonic action, it is good for those with weak heart and high or low blood pressure. It reduces the cholesterol content of the blood and quickens the blood circulation.
  It also regulates the gastric secretion.
  It is very efficacious for respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
  Since it is of great medicinal value, Schizandra fruit is processed in different ways to make medicines. The Schizandra Fruit Pills for Fatigue-Relieving and the Schizandra Fruit Syrup recently developed by researchers of the Korean Koryo Medicine Technical Company are very popular among users.

  Schizandra fruit tea or jam can be made in the family for diet and treatment of diseases.