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Five Deeds Good for Health of Old People
  It is said that people thought five deeds are good for health and long life from olden times.
  The first is to walk 10,000 steps a day. It relaxes the atrophied leg muscles and strengthens the joints.
  The second is to read 1,000 letters every day. Reading is necessary for the old people, in particular. Reading and listening to music have good effects on resuscitation of brain cells.
  The third is to chew foods 100 times. The old people have poor teeth and use dentures. So they must chew foods slowly and properly. Chewing 100 times is good for digestive absorption and calls for taking necessary nutrients in time without having an unbalanced diet and eating too much.
  The fourth is to laugh out 10 times a day. There are tens of kinds of laughs. A loud and hearty laugh removes stress, worry, uneasiness and depression.
  The fifth is to conduct more than one creative activities a day, big or small. Of course, an idea for discovery or invention is good. So are growing vegetables or flowers, drawing pictures and keeping a diary.
  In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the old people are spending their remaining years happily, full of youthful vigour under the state benefits and social protection.

  They are striving to do a good work for the coming generations.