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Answer: On the Official Name of Korea and Its Meaning
Question: On the Names of the Capital and New Streets in the DPRK
  Last time we raised the question; "What are the official name of Korea and its meaning?"
  Today we are going to answer the question.
  The official name of Korea is the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea".
  It symbolizes that the DPRK is an independent socialist state representing the interests of the entire Korean people and firmly maintaining the Juche character and positively preserving the national character in the state building and activities.
  It also represents clearly the democratic and popular character of the state.
  In the name, "democratic" represents the desire of the people for freedom and happiness and the immediate task and fundamental purpose of the Korean revolution.
  The expression of "people's" clearly shows that the DPRK is a dignified country of the people where they are the masters of the state and society and everything serves them.
  In the DPRK with democracy as the basic mode of the state activities, the working people take an active part in the exercise of all the sovereignty and the state administration as the masters of the government. It is in the DPRK that all the lines and policies of the state are mapped out thoroughly on the basis of the will and demand of the popular masses and the activities of the power organs conducted relying on the creativity of the people.
  Ours is the most democratic state that allows the broad masses of people to take part in the state affairs; it is a genuine people's state providing the political freedom and rights, and happy material and cultural life to the entire people including workers and farmers.
  This time many listeners including Johannes Wenzel, Stephan Lipsius, Andreas Fessler and Christian Henke of Germany, and Yang Qixiong, Gu Yuming and Ding Lu of China sent us e-mails with their answers to the question.
  Reading the answers with rich contents, we got to know well that many listeners like the program "Quiz Show" and make a deep study of the DPRK.
  We express thanks to them for their answers to the second question and extend our congratulations to them.
  Now, we present the third question; "What is the name of the capital of the DPRK and what are the names of the streets newly built in the capital over the past 10 years?"
  We will be grateful if you send us your answers to the question by e-mail or fax before September 15.
  Let us wait and see who will give a more profound answer to the question.