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Toll at Islet Branch Schools
  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has built branch schools even on islets with a few children. Bells are ringing for lessons in those branch schools.
  One day in November Juche 105(2016), the respected Kim Jong Un visited an islet defence detachment in the southernmost part of the West Sea of Korea.
  He acquainted himself with the life of the soldiers in detail and suddenly asked a commanding officer of the detachment if there was a branch school on the islet.
  Not knowing the meaning of his question, the commanding officer answered yes.
  Looking around at the accompanying commanding personnel of the People's Army, Kim Jong Un said: Since there is a branch school on the islet, the officials should learn about the education on a regular basis with correct view of the rising generations and the future and solve the problems in time. When they go out to defence detachments, it would be good for them to bring notebooks and other stationery needed for the schoolchildren.
  Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to the education at the islet branch school as children, the future of the country, were learning there.
  After a while, he asked how many children the branch school had. Commanding personnel of the People's Army told him the number of schoolchildren and that many teachers had volunteered to teach at islet branch schools after graduating from universities of education.
  He was very pleased to hear it and said they can be called patriots and called for giving social preference to the teachers devoting their pure conscience to rising generations on isolated islets.
  In September the next year, he called the teachers who volunteered to teach at the branch schools on islets and schools in the forefront and mountainous areas across the country to Pyongyang and had a photo taken with them.
  He said he was greatly moved by the ardent patriotism of those teachers who were devoting their pure conscience as revolutionaries in charge of the future of the country.

  Today the teachers at the islet branch schools devote themselves to education with the pride of being patriots called by Kim Jong Un.